Glenwood auto dealership can’t dodge the economic bullet |

Glenwood auto dealership can’t dodge the economic bullet

John Gardner
Glenwood correspondent
Aspen CO, Colorado
Chad Spangler/Post IndependentThe Glenwood Springs Chrysler Dodge dealership will close its doors by the end of November, a victim of a tough economy.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS ” In the wake of the economic collapse that has left the domestic auto industry floundering, a local auto dealership has submerged.

Glenwood Springs Chrysler Dodge majority owner Jeff Carlson announced on Friday that the dealership will be “quitting business.”

In a written statement to the Post Independent, Glenwood’s newspaper, Carlson stated, “The unanticipated economic downturn is the major contributor to the decision.” He added, “The business will be liquidated in accordance with the sales contract with Chrysler Motors Company LLC by the end of November.”

Carlson, who is also the majority owner of Glenwood Springs Ford and Summit Ford in Silverthorne, Colo., gave no further explanation as to why the dealership was closing. He did say that both Ford dealerships were doing fine.

This closure comes less than two months after the Roaring Fork Volvo dealership closed down in September. Randy Tuggle, vice president of Centre of the Rockies, which owns Roaring Fork Land Rover and Sport Wheels and formerly the Volvo dealership, told the Post Independent in September that the closing of that business was a decision reached between the owners and the manufacturers, though the business was doing fine financially.

That apparently wasn’t the case with the Dodge dealership.

Berthod Motors general manager Don Gerbaz said his Glenwood dealership has also been affected by the economic downturn and that he was not surprised to hear of the closing.

“It’s similar to the rest of the world,” Gerbaz said. “It’s not as bad here (at Berthod Motors) as the rest of the world, but it’s definitely quieted down in October.”

Gerbaz said he was sure longtime dealers like Berthod would come through the tough economic times just fine.

“My concerns are no greater now than they were during other downturns that we’ve weathered,” Gerbaz said. “Berthod Motors has been here for a while, and we’ve seen lots of downturns over the years.”

Berthod Motors is a Chrysler Jeep dealership that Gerbaz estimated has been in business for more than 40 years. The Glenwood Springs Chrysler Dodge dealership was purchased by Carlson in July 2005 and recently moved into a new facility on Storm King Road, behind the Glenwood Springs Mall in West Glenwood.

Carlson indicated the inventory would be liquidated during November, and the real estate sold “as soon as practical” after the business closes.

The dealership closure will leave 14 employees out of jobs, according to Carlson. Since the end of 2007, the dealership had already let go seven employees.

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