Get the facts right, Pat |

Get the facts right, Pat

(This letter was originally addressed to Patrick Hasburgh, whose latest letter appeared on Monday, Aug. 29.)Dear Editor:Whoa, whoa, whoa. Get back super anti-neocrat man; you might choke on your cape. Might I suggest cutting back on the coffee, mix in some bran and you probably should try some stool softener, because you are awfully tight.I will always honor anyone that has served this country, including those involved in 9/11 and our brave men and women staying the course on this global war on terrorism. Pat, you need to remember that bin Laden started planning the 9/11 attack soon after President Clinton bombed an Afghan terror base, dry milk factory and the pesticide warehouse. By the way, the latter two were old Richard Clarke’s ideas. Way to go, Dick.It is sad that those courageous men and women are dying for the rights of people like you, who drive their Range Rover across town at eight miles to the gallon, just to walk up the Ute. Oh and Pat, remember the Vietnam War, the one that the Democrats started and kept going until President Nixon ended it in his second term. The death toll for that war was over 58,000 brave men and women. Most of those casualties were suffered under President Kennedy and President Johnson. Democrats, Pat. And Pat, you should remember that Saddam Hussein killed over 400,000 men, women and children (that we know of) in his own country and he invaded two countries (Iran and Kuwait), killing thousands, and threatened to invade a third, Saudi Arabia. Old Saddam baby was the one that used nerve gas (WMD) on the Iranians and the Kurds. He was also paying $25,000 to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers after the bombers blew up innocent Jews. Oh, and remember the Taliban, who used to shoot women in the head with an AK-47, because they broke their strict Islamic law. I bet all those facts just warm corroded arteries. We could have ignored this entire Middle East region, but where would we get the gas to fill your jalopy?Didn’t you mention that Iraqis could vote, before we invaded their country? Yes, they could, but the Shiites, Christians and Kurds had guns to their heads when they entered the voting booth. That’s why the minority Sunnis always won. By the way, I have never met Peter Louras, but I read his letter and I would like to shake his hand. Good job, Mr. Louras.Hey, I’ve got an idea: Just keep watching the communist news network (CNN) and get your facts all messed up (didn’t CNN support Hussein’s rule?). Wait, I have a better idea – why don’t you stick your head out the window of your gas-guzzler to “clear your head”? That’s what all you morons do.Jim Perry (J.P.)Aspen

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