Fond memories and thin pillows |

Fond memories and thin pillows

Dear Editor:John Colson on David “El Sordo” Bentley (“Longtime Times staffer answers call of the mountains,” July 1) jogged my Zero-K (memory) hard-drive: Boulder, Colo., Autumn ’66, I am standing on “The Hill” scanning the classifieds in the Daily Camera. Out from Clancy’s Books comes this wild blue-eyed, black-haired dude and goes: “Hey, looking for a place to stay? You a grad student? I can’t hear you – my battery is low. Share my apartment with me. Just look at it – it’s not bad.”So that led to a semester of cohabitation and several midnight rock-scrambles.I complained bitterly about the apartment decor and the extra-thin pillows on my bed. He grabbed a thick tome, “On Being and Nothingness” (Jean Paul Sartre) from his shelf and shoved it under my pillowcase. “There you go,” said he. “It’ll also give you a shitload of ideas for your thesis topic (theoretical physics).” It did.Asit Bhat “The Brahmin”Philadelphia

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