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Feed the bears

Dear Editor:The pictures of cute black bears eating and foraging in Aspen, seem to appear almost every week.Looking at their situation the last couple of months, it’s really it’s not that cute. They must be so desperately hungry that even they have broken their boundaries to survive. Of course, rightfully so – this is the bears’ own territory, which we have occupied so pleasantly.Nature has not given the them enough to survive on this year. Now winter is approaching and we really need to help them! The mama bears are imprinting on their little cubs this year, it’s good to go to the human area and forage. This is a terrible tragedy for all of them and all of us. They will be back next year, remembering the easy food access and come with more of their bear buddies, and so on and so on, year after year.Perhaps someone can quickly organize and donate some funds for a Feed The Rocky Mountain Bears project?How about all you talented humans in the Aspen area inventing some kind of natural type of food like, bear biscuits, bear cookies or bear granola? Someone can ask donations of companies who can give left over dried fruits/nuts and unpackagable foods to the project. The bear food should be as close as possible to the foods of the mountains here that they are use to. If not, then some kind of dried fruits/berries, nuts, with some protein would do.It can be distributed by a small planes or some kind of aircraft. It might keep most bears up there in the higher mountains. Then they would have to search and forage, like they do naturally. What bears don’t find, will be eaten by other mountain critters, and they wouldn’t mind a bit more food before and during the winter season.This is a sad situation in which nature is crying out. Trapping/relocating, shooting/killing them isn’t really the best answer, as stated by the wildlife agency.Some kind hearted person(s) with some extra cash and a flair for organizing might be able to spare the bears and humans in the future much suffering and possible extinction of a black bear species.At least we can think about this?Bonnie L. Marx,Carbondale

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