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Epitaph for a friend

Dear Editor:

One year ago, Feb. 23, 2007, I lost a great friend in Aspen ” Barb Schey ” to a mysterious death.

As a memorial, I wrote this epitaph:

28 February 2007

I have gathered fresh flowers by the lake, in the mountains,

and on the plain and have sung as I walked

smelling the fresh

mountain flowers of my beloved Colorado.

As winter gives way to spring I have fallen through

great pain

into the earth and become solid as the mountains.

I will rise

with spring into my new home.

I have busied myself at home, rejoicing in my

books and

friends and have been soothed by my favorite

beers and wine.

Winters I have warmed myself in the sun,

sometimes on the

mountain top after skiing. Summers I have bathed

in both hot springs

and lakes.

Looking into the still waters of a lake with my

horse I have

seen the blue sky reflected above and in that

reflection seen

my own joy in being there by the water.

Men and women fear to waste their lives,

concerned that they

may fail to succeed. They cling to the days and

lament passing time

while I have enjoyed my friends under the shade

trees with them at

their ranch.

I go now toward space feeling the freedom in my

new breath.

Aware of my end but surprised by the fall I find no


for regret in this present transformation.

To all of my friends that read this I love you. For

my animal

friends and pets I also love you still.


Sven Alstrom

Lawrence, Kan., and Aspen


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