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Edgie Wedgie: Not just for kids anymore

Jon Maletz
The Edgie Wedgie. (Mark Fox/The Aspen Times)

Disclaimer: The following stunts were performed by a trained professional. OK, so I’m not a pro, but I do have sufficient medical coverage.

When I informed co-workers of my intention to spend a day skiing with the Edgie Wedgie – a small rubber contraption that screws into and attaches one’s ski tips together – some laughed. Well, many laughed. Others thought I was crazy.”It sounds dangerous,” a co-worker replied, with a genuinely worried look on her face.I, too, was hesitant. After all, I’m no expert skier. In fact, I might just be the farthest thing from it. And I couldn’t imagine that poor-to-no visibility coupled with steady snowfall and the inability to move my skis independently was a winning combination. I strapped my helmet on tight. I contemplated calling ahead for a room at Aspen Valley Hospital. Our photographer joked I should check in with the ski patrol at the Ajax summit – at least I think he was joking. Along with the Edgie Wedgie, I slid some identification and a valid insurance card in my pocket.

Other skiers were interested when I screwed the contraption onto either tip – maybe they thought it was the latest gadget recently flown in from overseas. More likely, they were intrigued because they had never seen anyone over the age of 8 use this thing. I swallowed my pride, flashed a wry smile and clipped in, figuring that now I had a tangible excuse for showcasing my crappy technique. After a few pushes with each pole, I was off. As hoards of skiers flew by, I stuck to the slow lane off to the far right of the gentle slope Copper Cutoff, as the manufacturer had recommended. Slowly and cautiously, I took a turn to the left, bending my knees and forming a wedge. I was balanced and comfortable, and the position of my skis prevented me from speeding out of control. I have been burned by gimmicks before. The continuous return putting green I bought a few years back broke in less than two weeks. But the Edgie Wedgie, a simple device that sells for about $10 at most online ski retailers, performed as advertised.

But did the testing stop there? Not a chance. When I decided to try and ski parallel in the glades, I quickly discovered what the contraption is and is not designed for. The Edgie Wedgie performs well when arcing wide and deliberate turns, but when you have to avoid an oncoming tree, it’s hardly receptive. Despite my best attempts to separate my tips, they wouldn’t budge. Needless to say, I attempted to make a quick hockey stop and rolled for a while. In my defense, I didn’t have the instruction manual handy. But did I stop there? Nope. The moguls on Seibert’s tempted me from the Gent’s Ridge chair. Trying to maneuver through the soft bumps with the Edgie Wedgie made about as much sense as wearing ski boots in a 5K road race. You know those yellow “Hazards exist that are unmarked” signs? They had me in mind when those were posted. All kidding aside, the Edgie Wedgie, when used correctly, is a valuable learning tool. Aside from the small indentations left from the screws on my ski tips and soreness in muscles I didn’t know existed, I’m a believer.One question: Can manufacturers come up with a more masculine name? I struggled mightily to sidestep the inquiries of lift operators. I’m sure they had a laugh at my expense. Can you blame them?

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