Dogs deserve a park of their own |

Dogs deserve a park of their own

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the commentaries on whether dogs should be allowed legally on Smuggler. If you listen to Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer, who will be here July 10 ” get your tickets now), he says the most important thing to make a dog be a good resident is exercise. Dogs need to run, play and socialize with other dogs. They can’t do this on leash.

We need a place for dogs. Perhaps the city is afraid of the liability, but dog parks are springing up everywhere,. It must be possible. Smuggler is great, but it has many different users. We need a place well signed as a dog park, and fenced, where people will not come if they don’t want dogs to jump on them, don’t want their dogs off leash or have aggressive dogs. A place where people only go when they choose to be around dogs.

Everywhere now is illegal for dogs; they can’t run in town or in the wilderness or in the county. What can a dog owner do? Please give us somewhere we can legally let our dogs be dogs. Most of us pick up after our dogs; with enough doggy bags and trash cans, maybe we can get everyone to pick up.

Georgeann Waggaman