Doesn’t make sense to me |

Doesn’t make sense to me

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank club owner Michael Goldberg for bringing my longtime favorite band, Widespread Panic, to town this weekend for three nights of revelry before “The Boys” take a much-needed hiatus.

After all, it was Widespread Panic that first brought me to the valley in 2005 for the jazz festival, and this was years before I thought about moving here to work and play. The total cost to see Panic play twice over that Labor Day weekend, including other greats like John Fogerty and Willie Nelson? $150.

So when I moved back here in November from the “Alaskan bush,” I was ecstatic, dumbfounded, thrilled that Panic was playing Belly Up. That is until I heard it was for the mere price tag of $350 … a night! Whoa! At that price you’d think Michael Houser, the “lingering lead” himself, would be perched up on stage and accompanied alongside Vic Chesnutt! Hell, at that price they should resurrect Jerry! I was lucky enough to see his last show for $25.

Now, I know that Aspen is and will always be about money, but I thought that stopped short when it came to the music. I really do hope the 1 percent of Panic fans inside the Belly Up this weekend, along with the local ski bums who drained their bank accounts to maybe see one show, enjoy it. I’ll be hanging outside, hoping to hear one honest tune and having a good time!

Kiss the mountain air we breathe.

Ken Keske



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