Bring back nurse Stirling |

Bring back nurse Stirling

Dear Editor:

I read with amazed disbelief your report today that Barbara Stirling, the senior oncology nurse at Aspen Valley Hospital, was peremptorily and prejudicially dismissed from her post almost two weeks ago (“Nurse says Aspen hospital fired her without warning,” Oct. 16).

Along with many others in this valley, I have received life-giving therapy at nurse Stirling’s hands and regard her as dedicated, efficient, compassionate, affectionate and utterly charming.

Twice during treatments, I suffered severe adverse reactions, and nurse Stirling responded with appropriate skill, promptitude and concern. She was very obviously regarded with esteem and affection, not only by her nursing colleagues and subordinates, but by her medical superiors also, as the generous testimony you quote from the eminent Denver oncology specialist and consultant, Dr. Douglas Rovira, indicates.

Quite apart from her purely professional duties, I personally know nurse Stirling to have been heavily involved in extracurricular work with cancer survivors. Surely, this hasty and inappropriate termination of such a well-regarded and dedicated professional must be ill-advised; I strongly urge the powers that be at AVH to rescind this rash act.

Keith Gardner


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