Bicycle safely with new law |

Bicycle safely with new law

Dear Editor:As the population of town has swelled considerably in the last few weeks and there are quite a few cars, cyclists, and pedestrians out and about, we wanted to point out a new Colorado law (HB 1218) that went into effect on July 1. The information below can be found (in its totality) on the Bicycle Colorado home page:, which also includes a link to the actual bill itself:Governor Owens signed the Bicycle Safety Bill into law in early June. This bill permits bicyclists to ride two abreast when not impeding traffic, allows bicyclists to indicate a right turn with their right arm, and gives cyclists the same protection as pedestrians enjoy while in a crosswalk. The bill also requires all law enforcement agencies to file a bicycle crash report even if the crash did not involve a motor vehicle. Crash statistics determine where road safety improvements occur and less than 1 percent of safety money improves road for bicyclists. If you are injured in a bike crash due to unsafe road conditions or unsafe drivers, please report it to your local police agency.Riggs J. Klika, Ph.D.CTS Performance Center Aspen

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