Beware the Aspenites |

Beware the Aspenites

My self-imposed silence in obsevance of the 9-11 tragedy of one year has been completed and I now feel that I may write anything that I wish without feeling that I am being insensitive.

You might think that with all of the ominous events that are looming over the Earth at this moment would draw my attention forthwith to, let’s say, kick out the jams from beneath the hypocrisy that is behind it all. You would be wrong.

I am here to expose an even greater threat than 10 Iraqs or even 10,000 Osamas piloting all of our commercial airliners at once, and this threat exists right under our very noses. Yes, right here in the Roaring Fork Valley.

What I am refering to is a certain ethnic group that has caused more destruction to our valley that any other immigrants that have plagued our shores. Though they have come here and taken advantage of every amenity that our society has to offer they have given nothing in return and, worse yet, do not even extend the courtesy of assimilating into our culture.

Instead, where they go all low-income housing disappears, forcing the local population out of their humble abodes downvalley into exile and obscurity for want of housing. Their influx more resembles an invasion than the desperate gamble of refugees, as they claim they are.

They come and drive around in the most expensive cars and trucks that they can afford to buy and keep the license plates of the place where they’re from on their cars as if they have claimed our valley for their own.

They stay in their own close-knit communities and speak their strange language to each other while looking on the indiginous people with outright contempt and fear. It is clear that they think that everyone wants to be like them because they act like if you don’t like what they’re doing, too bad.

Certain restaurants and businesses have been taken over by them and one feels uncomfortable to even show a face there for the negative vibe that radiates from them. Numerous accidents are now caused on Highway 82 because they have no respect for the laws of our communities and their attitude that they are more important than anyone else on the road.

We must do something about this menace before there is no place left here for you and I. You all know who I’m talking about. That’s right, the Aspenites.

These people seem bound and determined to impose their view on everything on everyone. It’s not too late to look at your neighbor and ask them politely, will you please go back to Aspen and stay there.

Mark Mixon

The Roaring Fork Valley

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