Aspen Silver Lining: Sierra Rintel and Roman Dupps |

Aspen Silver Lining: Sierra Rintel and Roman Dupps


In April, we launched our new “Mining for a Silver Lining” online feature to show how strong the Aspen connection is around the world.

For the next few weeks, we will be highlighting some of our “Silver Lining” community profiles in The Aspen Times.

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Sierra Rintel

Location: Aspen

Connection to Aspen: Moved to Aspen after graduating from University of New Hampshire

Age: 29

Occupation: Aspen Middle School Special Ed

What are you doing to cope during corona?

I try to start each day by getting out of bed at the normal time and heading directly outside. Starting the day with fresh air and exercise turns everything around. The minute I get outdoors I immediately feel better. I am so grateful to live in Aspen where we can enjoy the outdoor world. Going for a walk, skinning, or simply drinking a cup of coffee with a view makes me appreciate every day.

How are you helping others?

By staying in touch, remaining upbeat and keeping a sense of humor.

What good can come out of this period?

Learning to appreciate a life lived at a slower pace. In a world where we constantly have “FOMO,” it’s nice to take a step back, enjoy the little things, catch up with old friends and take time for activities that normally get neglected.

What’s the first thing you do when things go back to normal?

Support local businesses and restaurants. Hug someone.

Roman Dupps

Location: Aspen

Connection to Aspen: I was born in Aspen in 2006. When I was 2, my family moved to Bali for five years and then Boulder for two. I didn’t remember Aspen when we moved back, but I’m sure happy to be “home.”

Age: 13

Relationship Status: I’m single!

Occupation: Student

What are you doing to cope during corona?

Exercising outside a lot and trying new things like skinning and lots of running. I’m also reading books about running like “Born To Run.”

What are you doing to help others?

My mom is making us pick up trash outside when we walk our dog. For some reason, there is a lot.

What good can come out of this?

Spending so much time with my family. We don’t normally do as many hikes, movie nights and games nights.

What do you look forward to when things go back to normal?

Not spending so much time with my family and seeing my friends more. 🙂

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