Aspen Middle School: Let’s dance!

Spencer and Logan Novak raised funds for the Aspen Middle School dance.
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Some boys from Aspen Middle School goof around during the Aspen Middle School dance.
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Aspen Middle School girls put on their dancing shoes for the end-of-the-year event.
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On Wednesday, June 1, our middle school students were able to celebrate the end of the school year with an all-school, spring-theme dance.

Watching each group having a dance off against staff to “YMCA,” then finishing with nearly every student participating and dancing wildly to “Firework,” was really fun!

While our dance was delayed a number of times this year due to COVID-19, etc, there were some students who proposed the dance, raised money and helped decorate.

Spencer Novak, eighth grade, first pitched the idea to Aspen Middle School Principal Amy Kendziorski in the fall. She and her sister Logan (sixth grade) worked tirelessly to raise money for the dance by singing in public and knitting and selling winter hats. They provided many of the decorations through their fundraising efforts.

Addie Dorr and Ines Cantineaux from sixth grade also promoted the dance. All of these students recruited others, helped make posters, painted boxes for our food drive (in lieu of an entrance fee) and brought our school community together in a way we haven’t seen for a long time.

Eighth grade student Sasha Clifford also played an important role in organizing the event.

We are proud of these students and so pleased to see our middle school students coming together to celebrate the end of a challenging but successful year!

Well done, AMS. Have a safe, fun summer!

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