Aspen Laughs alum Becky Robinson closes tour at The Wheeler |

Aspen Laughs alum Becky Robinson closes tour at The Wheeler

Comedienne Becky Robinson.

Becky Robinson grew up a keen observer of everyone from her family to strangers — and then creating characters from them — for as long as she can remember.

“People who are really into golf or skiing or, you know, pickleball, I really admire them and just find people that are, like, gung-ho about specific things very entertaining,” she said.

The Los Angeles-based comedian, writer, actor, and voice-over star will be appearing live Saturday at the Wheeler Opera House, a venue she knows well.

Most known for her wide range of physical characters on stage and screen, Becky’s many alter egos have been featured on Hulu’s Coming to the Stage, MTV’s Acting Out, ABC’s The Bachelor, and Kevin Hart’s sketch series Writer’s Room. Becky has written for Comedy Central’s Not Safe, Snoop Dogg’s Joker’s Wild, and FunnyOrDie

She bases many of characters around her family “just to make them laugh” and enjoys the mix of stand-up and character work that features in her performance, adding, “sometimes a joke isn’t enough, and I really need to bring the character to life.”

Her family taught her how to use laughter to get through the tough times in life, she said,though sometimes they wish she wouldn’t use them as subjects.

“The entitled-housewife character was kind of birthed during the pandemic, when things were so dark and my dad was, like, going golfing every day. He was. like, ‘You know, golf is all we have to get away from our families,'” she said with a laugh. “Every time I go home or when I travel anywhere, I always bring a bunch of wigs just in case I have a mental breakdown because usually something good comes of it.”

No stranger to Aspen, Becky has been on the Wheeler stage several times as part of the Aspen Laugh Festival. She first performed in 2017 as an opener and unveiled one of her first characters she performed professionally — her ex-Olympic, moguls skier/ballerina character from the ’80s. She was thrilled to learn Aspenites could take a joke. Maybe relieved, too.

Becky Robinson, Heavy Pour Tour.

“Aspen is one of the few places in my career where I feel like my weirdest characters have really been embraced to the fullest,” she said. “My ex-Olympic character was perfect for Aspen. She seems very rich but has lost all her money, and she might live here — but you are not sure — and acts like she’s the mayor of town. She acts super-wealthy at the bar at like 9 a.m. and claims to have been skiing all morning. I never realized that some groups of people can laugh at themselves and then others can’t. Locals could have been offended, but they kept inviting me back for more.”

This will be her first time on the Wheeler stage as the headliner and the last stop of her The Heavy Pour Tour, a three-character act which heavily features the “entitled-housewives character” she has been on the road supporting since August 2021.  

Her final show at the Wheeler seems appropriate and cathartic since she knows how far she has come from her first appearance here.

“Aspen is a place that my first character was really accepted. And, I’m really excited to bring this new character and a piece of myself to the show. It’s just special because it kind of feels like it’s, like, where things got started,”she said.

So … will she be taking a break once her tour is over?

“Absolutely! Extended my trip to Aspen four days to go skiing,” she said. “It will be my first tracks of the year. So, so special to have those in Aspen.”

If you go…

What: Becky Robinson, Heavy Pour Tour
When: Saturday, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Wheeler Opera House, Aspen
More info & Tix: Tickets range $29-$42 and are on sale now at the Wheeler Opera House Box Office 970.920.5770/

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