Aspen City Council candidates raise the stakes in fundraising

Highest amount raised thus far is over $10,500

Collage of the Aspen City Council candidates 2021. Top row from left: Sam Rose, Erin Smiddy, Casey Endsley, John Doyle; second row from left: Ward Hauenstein, Jimbo Stockton, Mark Reece, Kimbo Brown-Schirato.

Campaign fundraising and spending among Aspen City Council candidates is ramping up as finance reports due Monday show thousands of dollars have been contributed and spent in a 12-day period.

Kimbo Brown-Schirato, who is vying against seven other candidates for two open seats, still leads in fundraising with an additional $3,275 between Feb. 9 and Sunday. That brings her total fundraising to $10,575.

Brown-Schirato has spent over $3,343 on web-based advertising, Facebook and printing.

Mark Reece raised $3,635 in the past 10 days in addition to his self-loan of $5,000 during the first reporting period, which covered Jan. 1 through Feb. 8.

He has spent $4,155, mostly on door hangers, printing, flyers, newspaper ads and yard signs.

John Doyle raised $1,850 in the second reporting period, bringing his total to $5,350.

His expenditures of $2,115 have mostly been on newspaper advertising.

Candidate Casey Endsley loaned himself $5,000 and has a total of $7,270.

He has spent $837 on envelopes, business cards, voter data, Shutterfly and food for an event at Mi Chola.

Incumbent Ward Hauenstein has raised $950 in this most recent reporting period and has raised a total of just under $3,500.

His expenses total $1,110, but the list of expenditures were not available in his filing Monday evening.

Candidates Erin Smiddy, Sam Rose and Jimbo Stockton have not raised any funds.

Mayor Torre, who is defending his seat against challenger Lee Mulcahy, raised $2,125 between Feb. 10 and Saturday. That’s in addition to $1,150 raised in the first reporting period, along with $490 on hand from a previous campaign.

Mulcahy raised $270 in the last reporting period, bringing his total to $969.

Brown-Schirato has received donations from more than 60 people, including many professionals in the development and real estate industries, and dozens of maximum contributions of $250.

Doyle, who has about 50 donors, has the support from many longtime locals and avid skiers. His contributors include current City Councilwoman Rachel Richards, who donated $50.

Richards, along with her colleague Ann Mullins who is leaving council after eight years of serving and is term limited, is supporting Hauenstein and gave $250 toward his campaign.

Former mayors Steve Skadron and Mick Ireland also contributed to Hauenstein’s campaign.

The number of donors was not available on his campaign filing Monday evening, but he had received money from about two dozen in the first reporting period.

Endsley reported one donation of $250 in the last reporting period from Robert Scherer, who is self employed in commercial real estate.

Reece had 21 contributors in the last reporting period, including Scherer, and a wide-ranging list of residents in the valley.

Torre had 17 contributors in the last reporting period, and has spent just over $250 on signs.

City Clerk Nicole Henning said Monday that her office has received roughly 690 ballots.

The election is March 2.