Aspen affordable housing approved for Main Street, Castle Creek in question |

Aspen affordable housing approved for Main Street, Castle Creek in question

The Aspen City Council approved one affordable-housing project Monday night but were still taking public comment on a second development at press time.

Council members approved a 10-unit complex at 802 W. Main St. after grappling with parking issues and the type of materials to be used on the outside of the building, which will feature all one-bedroom apartments.

In the end, four of the five council members — Councilman Bert Myrin was out of town — allowed the project to go forward with 10 parking spaces in the Main Street right of way. In addition, they chose wider panels to be featured on the outside of the building rather than another option of thinner, narrower panels.

A separate area near the building’s alley will be preserved in case parking ever needs to be moved from Main Street.

No one from the public spoke out against the project, though developers acknowledged that a small contingent of neighbors remained against it.

The proposed 28-unit project at 488 Castle Creek Road was a thornier issue late Monday night.

Numerous neighbors from the Castle Creek Valley spoke out against project, which was not taken up by the council until nearly 9 p.m. Their problems with the complex included its density and height, as well as lack of parking.

City staff had asked council members to decide whether to eliminate the building’s fourth story — which cuts the project to 24 units, though at press time council members hadn’t yet been able to make their comments.

That project would feature 18 one-bedroom units and 10 two-bedroom units. Developers were able to increase the parking from 29 spaces to 34 spaces, though 38 spaces are required under zoning rules. The developers told the council they would be able to rent four parking spaces at the Marolt seasonal housing complex located just below the complex.

Views of the complex from Castle Creek Road would show a two- and three-story building, while views from Marolt would show a three- and four-story building.

The two projects are part of three affordable-housing projects that Aspen Housing Partners developed in partnership with the city of Aspen, which owns the land where the projects are being built.

An 11-unit project at 517 Park Circle at the base of Smuggler Mountain was approved last month.