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Apology needed

Dear Editor:

I am writing to invite you to publicly apologize to the Lamping family for printing Saturday’s article regarding Remy Lamping’s “Nutcracker” performance with its “daughter versus discouraging mother” thrust.

Having been a close friend of the Lampings for many years, I was astonished to read such a far-reaching misportrayal of Dawn Lamping as the mother whose dispiriting attitude toward her daughter was finally overcome by her child’s determination to dance the role of “Clara.”

Not only is their mother-child relationship quite the opposite in my view, but I was left wondering what the point of printing such material on the biggest day of this 12-year-old’s life could possibly be. Even if the gross misjudgment of Dawn’s character and misconstruing of Remy’s words were true, why would any reporter wish to characterize a mother-daughter relationship in such a manner in print (much less in a small town)? I beg you to show greater sensitivity in the future when reviewing pieces containing comments on family relationships in your publication.

Andrea Kulberg


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