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Angry White Man letters

Dear Editor:

I’d like this better if the Angry White American didn’t have to be white. This article has singled out “African-Americans” as the demons, which is simple racism and hateful. We (the proverbial “we”) have worked hard in this country to try to bring the poor and disenfranchised up a level or two, enabling them to share the responsibility, to become what this tirade typifies as “white.” Those African-Americans who have successfully accomplished the difficult task are downgraded by some of their own people as “oreo,” black on the outside and white on the inside, as if to become a responsible American were a sin against their race. Now this Aspen tirade wants to seal their fate by telling them if they are black on the outside they can’t be one of us, either.

Yes, crime is predominantly black in many American cities; perhaps towns and smaller communities as well. But the majority of blacks in those places are victims, not perps, and the large majority of them are angrier than you and I, and have a much stronger reason for being so. And yes, many of them blame white society for their plight, but who’s to say they are wrong. We want the law-abiding, hard-working, blacks, rich and poor, on our side so that their sons and daughters will strive to live in the American dream.

To characterize the Angry American as White is to ignore, or worse editorialize against, the success our society has had in this most difficult struggle for all Americans. Worse, it degrades all Americans. It is such radicalism that creates just the opposite kind of society to which its authors purport to aspire.

Frank Barber

Oxford, Miss.

Dear Editor:

A friend of mine forwarded your “Angry White Man” article to me, and I don’t know if you will ever read this but I had to write and say how much I enjoyed it. I most definitely am one of the men you described in your article. I’m not a racist, an elitist or a supremacist. I’m just a middle-class working stiff who gets more angry and discouraged with each passing day about the state of affairs in our beautiful country.

You have put into words, far more eloquently than I ever could, how many men in this country feel, especially about HER. NOT because she is female, but because of her far-left, ultra-socialist ideals. (While we’re on the subject, Ann Coulter is a far-right moron.)

Thanks for the all-too-rare breath of fresh air!

Tim DeBlois

Poolesville, Md.

Dear Editor:

Would you please pass on to Gary Hubbell that I would have enjoyed his article a lot more if he had just said “Angry American Men.” I wish he had not left out everyone who isn’t white but shares our values. It is not about color, it is about values.

Phillip DeMaria

Belvedere, Calif.

Dear Editor:

A friend forwarded the article by Mr. Hubbell via e-mail this morning, and I must say, what a disappointment. While I recognize the point he was trying to make, Mr. Hubbell has resorted to “racist” behavior similar to that exhibited by the very “poor me” ” supporting liberals and their constituents whom he complains of ” at least in my opinion.

I am a tax-paying, registered Republican, small-business owner of Native American descent (among a few other immigrant cultures) who supports a citizen’s right to bear arms, who has three brothers and a father who have served this country proudly. By the way, I got the hell out for Katrina and came back to stay, rebuild and contribute, but I do not consider myself a “white American.” I am an American, sir.

Oh, but maybe Hubbell was only referring to males in his article ” apparently women don’t possess any of the traits he mentioned in such detail. It appears he was sexist in his effort to communicate his distorted point as well. Hubbell took a valid premise and distorted it. Too bad. One thing we’re in need of today and especially during this presidential race ” a real discussion of substantive issues.

Brenda Lintinger

New Orleans, La.

Dear Editor:

Gary Hubbell’s column found its way into my computer across the country. As a former student at University of Colorado and former part-time resident and skier, I feel compelled to add my own perspective.

I join Mr. Hubbell as a member of the “Angry White Women.” We are the women who are liberated, active, hunt with our husbands, ride horses, run marathons and work in the community. We will not be counted among, as the media puts it, the “sewed-up women voters” for Hillary Clinton. Neither her political agenda, personal code of ethics or mores represent all women voters. I resent the fact that just because Hillary is a woman I am expected to vote for her; how insulting to women who have accomplished so much in this nation from the time of the suffrage.

Women, no matter what color or creed, should be independent thinkers and vote for their principles. I respect and admire many women leaders now and in the past and hope someday to vote for a woman as president of our great country. Sadly, Hillary simply does not pass muster.

Anne Snowden

Eads, Tenn.

Dear Editor:

I read with awe Gary Hubbell’s article about “Angry White Men.” It was excellent! I agree with almost all of it. OK, maybe not the part about his wife being more emotional than rational, but the rest of it describes me too.

It’s not just men that feel this way, there are a lot of us “Angry White Women” too. My husband and I own a small business, and Mr. Hubbell has put into words how we feel about all of this. Where is our candidate? The closest there is would be Ron Paul.

The rest of them are just “Nanny Staters,” or outright Socialists.

Kudos to you for publishing this piece, truly wonderful, and so exact about how many, many people I know feel.

Sheila Stokes-Begley

Harrisonville, Mo.

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to the column by Gary Hubbell.

I find it absurd that any “white man” has a right to be angry over the current state of affairs in this country.

After all, isn’t it a white man (or men) that got us into all of the messes that were named in your column?

Maybe it’s time to let a woman clean up the mess of the angry white man. After all, she’s probably already been doing it for you for years.

Andrea Williams

Chatham, Ill.

Dear Editor:

It seems that Gary’s composite white man closely resembles Nietzsche’s “Ubermensch” or “superman,” after whom Hitler modeled his Aryan racial objectives.

Gary sounds more like a white supremacist in the hills of Idaho, holed up with a canteen of water, some chewing tobacco and his faithful AK-47 with the sear filed down for automatic fire.

I’m guessing Gary doesn’t understand that whatever little push-back the white American is feeling now is a direct result of that white man’s practice of cultural, racial, sexual and religious prejudice. The American white man developed a societal paradigm in which people of color, differing religions, sexual orientation and cultural diversity were pretty much subordinate to his whims.

It’s tough having to take a bit of your own medicine. But, they say that what don’t kill you makes you stronger.

Richard Baker

Colorado Springs

Dear Editor:

I could not believe this was printed in a newspaper in the United States. It sounds more like Taliban ranting to me.

Yes, he sounds like a real “man’s man.” It is wonderful to know that he is rational and the little woman at home runs her life emotionally, but he can set her straight when he has no problem shooting someone who threatens him.

What rock did this guy crawl out from under?

Evelea Heer

Eureka, S.D.

Dear Editor:

My dad forwarded your article to me via e-mail today. Thank you! Finally, a recognition that I am! Except for the poker games and strip joints, you nailed it in regards to validating my existence. I’d like to add a couple of thoughts to yours:

– The angry white man is not a racist if he doesn’t hold with the same views as Jessie, Al or Obama.

– The angry white man isn’t a sexist if he disagrees with Hillary, Nancy or Gloria.

– The angry white man is not a homophobe if he loves his wife and is repulsed at the thought of sex with another man.

– The angry white man is not a right-wing radical if he sits in church with his family on any given Sunday and then tries as best he can to live according to what he learns on Sundays.

– To the angry white man, standing for what he believes does not equal hate.

– To the angry white man, loving his country doesn’t mean he hates other countries and their citizens.

Dang, that felt good.

Keep the momentum going on this ” you may have hit on something.

Chuck Hayden

Highland, Utah

Dear Editor:

I just received an e-mail from a friend here in Utah written today, I believe, by a Mr. Hubbell. It seems obvious to me that the man has had some serious problems in his life.

He must have had a terrible dysfunctional family growing up and now living in a very unhappy marriage and hate what he does for a living! While I can agree to a small percent of what he is saying, however, he goes way overboard and becomes very irrational and almost incoherent as to what he is saying. The poor soul is for nothing and against everything! It’s indeed sad that he has nothing constructive to offer but ranting and raving on and on.

What is more sad is that you would print this without a disclaimer; in my mind that means you not only condone this but it reflects the paper and your opinion and agreement.

Jim Contos

Tooele, Utah

Dear Editor:

I agreed with everything Gary Hubbell said except the first sentence in which he says we have to do better than George W. Bush for president.

G.W. Bush is the best president we have had in generations and is one who does what he says he will do. I am thankful that George W. Bush gave us this time. God help us for the next four years.

Zollie S. Graham

Johns Creek, Ga.

Dear Editor:

Gary Hubbell needs a pay raise for standing up for the most discriminated person in America.

George W. Singleton

Bay Minette, Ala.

Dear Editor:

Congratulation on Gary’s article, he really got it right. What an insight. Gary is my friend from now on.

I am a U.S. citizen since 1985; I came in as an immigrant from Poland. Mike, my son, just graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and my younger son is a freshman at UW Milwaukee. Together with my wife of 25 years (high school sweetheart from Warsaw, Poland) we’ve worked hard, never asked for a handout. We believe in self-discipline, personal growth and higher education.

Dariusz Nowakowski

Hartford, Wis.

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank you for publishing Mr. Hubbell’s article. It is an accurate description of the men I do business with and socialize with. I am an independent businessman, married for 20 years with four daughters, three in braces. I do not live in Colorado but the article was forwarded to me by my uncle in Stayton, Ore.

I am not prejudiced and have no special agenda.

Ed Williams

Damascus, Ore.

Dear Editor:

Greetings to everyone in Aspen.

My name is Steve Hunt. I lived in the Aspen area for 20 years. I produce many of the real estate productions you see on local television. My wife and I moved back to our home state of Florida a couple of years ago, but we still love Aspen, its people and the incredible environment there. I have to comment on the article written by Gary Hubbell.

I’m kind of stunned. This is the first time I’ve read an article that speaks so directly to this issue: “The Angry White Man.” He described me almost to a T. I am not a member of the NRA although I do own guns. I don’t shoot animals except with my camera. But everything else is RIGHT ON.

Good job, Gary! I’m not sure if we ever met while I lived there but I wish we had. I think you should get a Pulitzer Prize for that article. The truth is hard for some people to swallow. But it’s what this country needs right now. It’s sad to see where this country is going. It’s really almost unbelievable how so many people in this country have turned into sheep.

Steve Hunt

Floral City, Fla.

Dear Editor:

Gary Hubbell now has a cult following. His article is making the rounds of America.

The Angry White Man is replacing all other monikers for the majority of men in America. I don’t believe that it’s even as narrow as white men. I know several African-Americans that have the exact same feelings.

Gary may be a flaming liberal (I doubt that), but at least he understands. He should be running for office.

If I see many more articles like this, I may have to subscribe.

Charlie Clarkson

Southlake, Texas

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for publishing the excellent article by Gary Hubbell. Considering your environment ” not exactly a bastion of conservatism ” your courage is to be highly commended. Most politically correct publications would have killed this article before it got to press; it would never have seen the light of day in such yellow journals as The New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, or other equally spurious left-wing newspapers. They are scared to death of the truth ” it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Please keep up the good work. It is refreshing to experience such a rare phenomenon as a newspaper that actually reports the news and reflects what people really think and say in an untainted format. I have long since concluded that our mainstream media is single-handedly the most pernicious traitor in the history of the United States. Thank you for not taking part.

Nunzio A. Nano

Leominster, Mass.

Dear Editor:

A friend of mine, Larry Hanneken from Kentucky, sent me the article written by Gary Hubbell, “In 2008, don’t forget angry white men.” We were both so impressed with Gary’s description of those angry men who have strongly held values, beliefs and ideals that we decided to start an association and a blog. The blog is called Angry Men ” The New Minority.

While Gary was talking about the white male demographic we have expanded it to include all males who are angry regardless of race, creed, religion or party affiliation. We are already getting positive feedback on the blog. We are dedicated to supporting men, fathers and traditional families. The blog address is

We hope angry men from across America will come to the blog, join the association (it’s free) and help make a statement in the 2008 presidential election and beyond.

Thanks, Gary, you are our spiritual leader. Keep up the great work!

Rich Swier

Co-founder, Angry Men Association

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