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Built beginning in 1937, the Castle Creek Cabins were located on Seventh Street between Bleeker and Hallam streets. The eight cabins and the service station were built and operated by the Waterman family for many years. Photo courtesy Aspen Historical Society.

Editor’s note: Microfilm of The Aspen Times from October 19031911 is missing from the Pitkin County Library. To continue our journalistic history of Aspen, we include excerpts from The Aspen Democrat, the Times’ competitor 100 years ago. November 1904 Reports of Election Day 1904 seemed calm, with citizen entertainment and polling place perks to relieve the long wait. Election day in Aspen dawned clear and bright. Old sol was out in all his glory and at an early hour election rigs were moving in different parts of the city. Everything was most propitious for a large vote, and it was predicted on all sides that one of the largest votes in years would be polled here.Notwithstanding the fine weather, the voting in the various precincts in the morning was very light. However, the voting livened up in the afternoon, and after 4:00 o’clock, the voting was steady. …The attendants at every polling place reported that considerable “scratching” was being done, which made the counting of the votes very laborious at some of the precincts, the judges and clerks working until early this morning. … It was indeed one of the cleanest and best conducted elections held here for years. About the only excitement that helped to liven up matters was an occasional outburst of eloquence from Hon. John Quincey Davidson, the sage of Maroon creek, who was full of enthusiasm and delivered himself of a street corner oration upon the slightest opportunity, which afforded much amusement to the populace.Each precinct was equipped with capable judges and clerks and the candidates saw to it that the ladies were supplied with the finest confections, and the gentlemen with the choicest Havanas which helped to make their occupations very pleasant.The next day’s paper announced exuberantly, Government Peabody admits defeat. On the face of the returns it looks very much as if Alva Adams would be the next governor, he said this morning. Some of the belated election reports which reached him were encouraging, but their general tenor was such that at noon the governor had practically given up hope.Then the following day’s paper reported a story that’s not unfamiliar to today’s reader.After being overwhelmingly defeated at the polls, Peabody is to aid the Republican state central committee in contesting the election of every Democrat chosen by the people, from governor down. The charge trumped up is that frauds were perpetrated in Denver. It will be remembered that the Republicans caused the supreme court to place watchers throughout the city.

Dejectedly, the editor of the Aspen Democrat attempted to settle an election-night bar bill.Unfortunately the Democracy of Pitkin County cannot join in a Democratic victory throughout the country. …The returns were received at the Jerome under the auspices of the Democratic and Republican central committees. It’s up to the Republicans to chip in a little more than half of the cost, for they had all the fun out of the returns. November 1954 The paper noted that one of Hollywood’s giants was visiting and working in Aspen.Recent visitors in Aspen have been Mr. and Mrs. King Vidor who were guest at the Hotel Jerome. They were in Aspen a week and while here Mr. Vidor used the Marquand Studio overlooking Hallam Lake to finish writing the movie script of his story, “The Bridge.” …”The Bridge” is about small town people involving a ferry, a newspaper, a courthouse and filling station.Mr. Vidor is planning to actually film part of this story in Aspen and Glenwood Springs.Newspaper production technology was very different 50 years ago. This item appeared under the headline “Sorry, No Pictures!”Pictures ordered for this week’s edition on The Times failed to show up in the mails either Wednesday or Thursday. We will have some next week, sure.Two local skiing legends – one, director of the Aspen Ski School, the other, owner of a ski shop – worked two jobs, as have many Aspenites. Fred and Elli Iselin are asking friends for help. The Iselins’ [telephone] number has been changed. … When airline reservations are needed to anywhere, the new number 2591 will help you get the reservations you need with the minimum of effort.

November 1979 Several U.S. Olympic hopefuls from Aspen were introduced to the Chamber of Commerce during its regular monthly meeting.Stefan Kaelin, a former Swiss Olympic ski racer in the 1964 and ’68 Olympics, introduced the six athletes to the assembled chamber. …Mike Farny, a downhill specialist, explained there will be 14 members on the men and women’s alpine ski teams … 50% of the racers will be picked by FIS points and the other half will be coaches’ selections, he said.Dave Stapleton, who has been racing since he was 10 years old, told the chamber members his best event in the past few seasons has been downhill and then slalom.Mark Tache, another longtime Aspenite, specializes in slalom and giant slalom.Jeff O’Neill is another downhill specialist.Shane Burton, Kaelin announced, has turned pro and will not be competing for an Olympic spot. Burton did tell the chamber he will start out on the Coors Tour as a pro next winter in an effort to work his way up to the World Pro circuit.Ruth Baxter is contending for a spot on the cross-country Olympic team.Jamie Knowlton and Steve Murphy, A coaches for the Aspen Ski Club, were also introduced.An upgrade in the valley’s links to the real world was in the works. The paper reported, The proposed 1980 Pitkin County budget includes $148,161 to begin improving the old Roaring Fork Valley television system, recently taken over by the county. The one mill property tax increase will provide better equipment in existing stations at seven sites …A full-time engineer will be hired; titles, deeds and licenses must be converted; and a translator advisory board formed. …Another advantage will be FM radio service. The system is now providing KREX and KQIX to some areas. That may be expanded soon to include a classical FM station and one local station.The basic philosophy is to maintain five TV channels and two FM radio channels with quality and a minimum of down-time.

The January 1980 Winterskol theme winner was announced, Toast to Another Century was judged to be the best Winterskol theme submitted out of 250.The slogan was submitted by Esther McElfish. Along with the honor of having her theme picked, she also receives $100 in cash.An additional $100 was awarded to Mary Osmand for her button design, [which] “depicts two beer mugs, one held by a rancher or miner and the other held by a skier, clashing with the letters ‘skol’ printed above.” …As usual there were quite a few tongue-in-cheek entries, such as You’ve Come a Long Way, Maybe; Send Lawyers, Guns and Money; Second Century Fox; and White Trails, Tight Tails.

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