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1916: The Isis Theatre Company Has Something to Offer that Will Amuse and Entertain

In celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Aspen Times, we are printing a story or two from each year the newspaper has existed – 125 historical selections in 125 days. This series is in conjunction with the Aspen Historical Society.May 18 – Commencing with tonight the Isis Theatre company will offer to its patrons what we think to be the greatest Photoplays ever produced in this day and age, and we take this way to introduce to the public The Triangle Feature Productions.Just a word about these pictures. We have waited to secure these features at a price so that we could offer them to our patrons for 10 cents. While these same pictures are being shown in the larger cities, such as New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Philadelphia, and many others, at 50 cents and $2 per seat, Aspen people will see them for only 10 cents, only at the Isis. Our object in telling you the prices that other cities are getting for these features is to prove to you they are the very best made and command the highest admission prices.We want you to see these productions and judge for yourself, not one, but see three or four of them and then pass your judgment and then if you don’t say they are the very best you have ever seen, we will eat our hat.

May 23 – From Thursday morning on you can angle for the big fellows to your dear heart’s content. Isn’t that nice?And that you may not miss one minute of the time allowed by law, Pitkin county’s accommodating county clerk, Miss Mary E. Mellor will keep the office open tonight and tomorrow night from 6 to 8 o’clock. And if you happen to call a few minutes after 8 o’clock you may find Miss Mellor ready to issue you a fishing license. But get there by 8 o’clock as that is late enough for the little lady to be on duty. She is a willing and courteous little soul and would stay until midnight that any fisherman might get his license, but you shouldn’t ask her to.Get your license tonight and be ready for the big rush Thursday morning.

Good Fellowship Reigned SupremeJune 5 – Hello Glenwood!How are you Glenwood?Welcome Glenwood!Put ‘er there, Glenwood.Well, well, how are things with yuh, old top?Just right. Howsit with yuh?Yes sir! Glenwood was here in force yesterday and from 10 o’clock to 4 Aspen was jammed with tin Lizzies, flivvers, honk-honks and choo-choos, until one could hardly cross the street.The congested district was some congested yesterday.The hot water Boosters were here and were feeling their best but the Aspen Boosters were conspicuous by their absence and the Associated Clubs and the Women’s Civic Club must have slipped a cog or cogs.No committees or reception!No organized effort to entertain our neighbors!Each visitor had to shift for himself or herself, except in rare instances when some individual Aspenite attempted to do the right thing.

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