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‘In true 5Point style’: Local film fest returns with its first ever drive-in screenings at Roaring Fork High School

Photos from previous celebrations of the 5Point Film Festival.

5Point Film Festival is hosting a screening from 8-10:30 p.m. on Friday night, in a drive-in format. Last year the event was virtual only and Sarah-Jane Johnson, a spokesperson for 5Point, said the organization was excited to host a group of people to come together and watch the same films. Post Independent reporter Jessica Peterson connected with Johnson to learn more about what audience members can expect when attending the 2021 5Point Film Festival.

How does this year’s 5Point Film Festival look different than what you guys usually put on?

“Usually we’re in the rec center. Obviously this year we’re not in a position to have a large-scale, public event indoors. So, the format is modified but this is the first time 5Point has done like a drive-in event so it’s like a bit of old and new coming together. We’re bringing 5Point back to the community after a year, and we’re doing it in a way that is safe but still community building.”

What’s the significance of being able to host a fest after a year of the pandemic?

“There’s a sense of kind of coming back and coming out of hiatus after a year of COVID restrictions. … Being in front of the big screen, that to me and many audience members, that’s what 5point is about. It’s about seeing these adventure short films on the big screen. So being able to do that at the high school, tailgating or in your car is something there’s a lot of anticipation and excitement about it. And just the kind of feel good factor of coming together again. That’s our tagline, ‘come together, return changed.’”

What can those who attend expect from the drive-in experience?

“The way the high school parking lot is going to be set up, everyone will have a designated space for their car. Obviously you’re in the outdoors so you can move around, kind of socialize. We are encouraging people to continue to follow public health guidelines and ensure they are social distancing. … I imagine in true 5Point style there will be a sense of fun and atmosphere. To describe an outdoor 5Point event as a bit of a tailgating party I think is pretty spot on … people are going to be having a good time, people are going to be celebrating now that they’ve been let out in the open.”

How long will the screening last and what was the inspiration behind the films that were chosen?

“The shortest one is nine minutes, the longest one is 39 minutes. It’s a two hour program of (six) short films. All of the films have some kind of … essence or connection to this sort of theme of environmental justice and celebration of the planet earth,”

Film still of Flotsam made by Kjell Redal.

Do you have a favorite film being shown?

“We have two visiting filmmakers. (One) … I want to call her really a part of the 5Point family, her name is Taylor Rees. She screened numerous films at the festival over the years along with her husband and she does really beautiful cinematographic work so I think that’s going to be really well-received. That film is called From Kurils With Love and it’s very much around sort of environmental and humanitarian issues. Around a kind of environmental project that she worked on in Japan. Kjell Redal is a Colorado-based cinematographer who has recently relocated to Carbondale. He’s done some really interesting commercial work in the past. His film (Flotsam) is about fishing culture in Southern Florida, Miami, and I just think it’s really beautifully shot. It’s not a subject that I’m personally drawn to, but I think there’s a real kind of element of … it’s just beauty on the screen. … Those are my two kind of favorites.”

For people who want to submit their own films for future festivals what does that process look like?

“It’s a pretty easy process. Filmmakers can submit by the 5Point website. …Our flagship event in October we’re taking submissions right now, right through ’til Sept. 7. … There’s a small entry fee, but it’s a really simple process.”

How can locals support 5Point and make sure it keeps coming back?

“I think it’s really important to mention, like most arts organizations, the art and entertainment industry has … been hammered within the last year with venues being closed down and public events and gatherings completely cancelled. So, it’s been a challenging year as you can imagine, and 5Point is a nonprofit organization that is very much dependent on community support, donations and grants. … We really value support in those capacities, whether it’s audience donations or even you know buying an extra ticket or two and gifting tickets to somebody else. Especially if you can’t be there this weekend, you can buy an on-demand ticket and give it to somebody.”

If you go…

– Purchase tickets for the 5Point pop-up event here

– The event is from 8-10:30 p.m.

– If you can’t make it this Thursday or Friday you can also buy tickets to watch the films on-demand for up to two weeks after the screenings, April 24-May 3.

– Online tickets are $20 a piece.

– Tickets are $45 per car

– Local restaurants are offering discounts on takeout with 5Point tickets– stop into Carbondale Beerworks for 15% off or Atina Bar & Grill, The Homestead Bar and Grill or Honey Butter for 10% off.


Reporter Jessica Peterson can be reached at 970-279-3462 or jpeterson@postindependent.com.

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