Chris Erickson installation ‘Binary Opposition’ opens at the Art Base today

Staff report

Carbondale-based artist Chris Erickson will unveil a new installation at the Art Base on Friday, June 8.

Titled “Binary Opposition: Mole©ules,” the show runs through July 6.

“Mole©ules” speaks to the polarization of our society and looks to dig deeper into social, political and racial differences that divide us, as well as commonalities that bring us together. Erickson’s assemblages are original designs executed on panel using hand-cut stencils and spray paint. He uses levity and cultural references to provide a platform for social commentary.

“This whole series of molecules started about three years ago,” Erickson said in an announcement. “I can get too complicated, so then I scale back, come back to my sketchbook and pen and ink — black and white. Taking a closer look, breaking things down into protons, atoms and molecules, and the energy associated into our inner workings, I give human attributes to things on a molecular level—bringing light to us as wacky amoebae.”

Based in Carbondale, Erickson is a graduate of Fort Lewis College and Platt College, best known locally for the giant headphone sculpture he installed in Carbondale’s 2014 edition of Art Around Town.


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