Aspen Skiing Co. CEO restructures senior management team |

Aspen Skiing Co. CEO restructures senior management team

Staff report

Aspen Skiing Co. President and CEO Mike Kaplan restructured his senior management team by adding responsibilities or reassigning longtime staff members Tuesday.

“Broadly, this restructure of the senior management team results from David Perry’s departure, a forward looking view on key priorities for (Aspen Skiing Co.) and the integration of what we learned through some recent strategic planning work,” Kaplan wrote in an announcement to company employees.

One of the biggest moves was promoting Katie Ertl, who had overseen the ski schools at all four mountains, to senior vice president of mountain operations. She will now oversee the mountain operations at Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass and Buttermilk, according to the announcement. Ertl is one of the highest ranking women in the ski industry.

As part of the operations restructuring, John Rigney was promoted to senior vice president and will bring the event and strategic operations alliances team together with the mountain food and beverage, rental and retail divisions. Lynda Edwards was promoted to vice president of mountain food and beverage.

Rich Burkley, who formerly oversaw mountain operations, was selected to head a new strategic and business development group as senior vice president, strategy and business development.

“With the fast pace of change in guest expectations, recreational technology, climate change and organic growth opportunities, we’re establishing a strategic and business development group” that will be headed by Burkley, Kaplan wrote.

Matt Jones will lead the effort in marketing and technology development. Jones, previously the Skico chief financial officer, is now CFO and senior vice president. His team will include Christian Knapp, who was promoted to chief marketing officer. Kristi Kavanaugh was promoted to vice president of sales, reporting to Knapp. John Lilley was promoted to chief information officer in that team.

Rana Dershowitz takes on the role of chief legal officer and senior vice president, real estate. David Corbin, senior vice president, planning and development, and his team will report to Dershowitz. Jeff Hanle was promoted to vice president, communications and will answer to Dershowitz.

David Clark was promoted to vice president and associate general counsel. Auden Schendler was promoted to senior vice president and took on the responsibilities for all Skico purchasing.

Perry left Skico in July after playing key roles in marketing and mountain operations for 15 years, and ascending to second-in-command. He is now chief operating officer of a new ski company formed as an affiliate of Aspen Skiing Co. and KSL Capital Partners. That as yet unnamed company went on a buying spree that eventually brought 13 ski resorts into its fold, the latest being Deer Valley. Aspen Skiing Co. remains an independent though related company.

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