Business as Usual: Blazing Adventures

Compiled by Jill Beathard

Editor’s Note: Business as Usual is a series highlighting local businesses in Snowmass Village. It is published weekly in the Snowmass Sun.

A wet early summer has sent the rivers in our area raging, and it’s the perfect time for a rafting trip. With an office on the Snowmass Village Mall, Blazing Adventures can take you straight from the village to any of its many rafting, Jeeping, hiking and cycling tours.

Snowmass Sun: How did your business start?

Tim McMahon: Our ownership group is comprised of Dan McMahon, John Henschel, Dave Fond and Tim McMahon. In addition to owning Blazing Adventures, we also operate a separate company, Incline Ski and Snowboard Shop.

Blazing started back in the early ’70s. The former owners built the business from a van and a boat to a full tour operation company. The former owners would sublet our Aspen location from us during the summer. When the Harris family was looking to retire, we took a leap of faith and acquired Blazing Adventures in 2010.

Strategically, having a business with solid brand recognition and strong summer cash flows is a good balance for our winter company.

Snowmass Sun: What services or goods do you sell?

Tim McMahon: We are an outdoor tour company. We offer rafting, hiking, biking, jeeping and sunset dinners.

We run three different rivers: the Roaring Fork, the Colorado and the Arkansas. We run sections from Class 2 up to Class 5. Our most popular hiking is around Crater Lake. Our most popular bike riding is our Maroon Bells downhill ride.

Snowmass Sun: What makes your business unique?

Tim McMahon: We run our Jeep tours up Lenado, Aspen Mountain, Independence Pass and Taylor Pass.

Our sunset dinners are a must-do for families. We take a Jeep tour up Snowmass ski area to a viewing area. We come back down to rustic log cabin, musician, campfire and a catered meal.

Snowmass Sun: What makes your business unique?

Tim McMahon: Our staff. The people that work in the office and out on our trips have a passion for the outdoors. It is evident in the knowledge and service they give to our customers.

Snowmass Sun: Who is your primary clientele?

Tim McMahon: Anyone looking for an outdoor adventure. We mostly cater to families. But, because we offer a wide spectrum of trips from the mild to the full adrenaline rush, we see a wide range of demographics.

Snowmass Sun: What is the best thing about running a business in Snowmass?

Tim McMahon: The proximity to mountains. When we are not working, we are out enjoying everything Snowmass has to offer.