Winnerman: Government costs us more, more

It seems we locals like to blame “all the rich people” for how expensive everything has become in Aspen since the COVID shutdowns. Well, maybe we should ask our mayor and council members.

Many restaurants in town requested keeping the plexiglass covers on their patio trellises, so their customers could still eat outside when it rained. At least one of our long-time council members said it would cost $500,000 in employee mitigation fees. 

You understand that no additional employees would be employed. So, do you think that owner/manager charges more for food and drink?

How about permit fees to remodel your restaurant or store? How about the time it takes to get that permit? I am hearing those fees can get expensive.

Sounds like more price increases to us, the consumers.

There is no need to build more employee housing. At this rate, with local government increasing fees on everything and a national recession happening, maybe we have fewer jobs.

Yup, time to change horses and reclaim our town.

Lorrie B. Winnerman