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Rayton: County before vodka

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It has been disconcerting to read in various newspaper stories and on numerous social-media sites that Joe DiSalvo has proclaimed himself as one of the “proud fathers” and a founder of LJZ LLC, doing business as Lift Vodka. He has promoted the product at numerous events, including Food and Wine, Colorado Rockies Opening Day, and an episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” where he was filmed discussing the pH of Lift Vodka with the host of the show, while in his Sheriff’s Office uniform.

Recently, DiSalvo has come under scrutiny regarding his level of involvement in the vodka company. He now conveniently states he was “gifted” 5% of the company and says “it is legal.” Those in law enforcement know: You may be offered a gift, yet it is your duty to politely refuse it, so as not to compromise you or your department.

Voters, is this what you want from your sheriff?

If your answer is no, my suggestion is voting for Michael Buglione as your next sheriff. He is transparent and a leader for all — a compassionate and thoughtful person who is invested in the community. His philosophy mirrors Dick Kienast and Bob Braudis.

Buglione has the qualifications, knowledge, and has fostered relationships throughout the valley with the local fire/EMS departments, law-enforcement agencies, Mountain Rescue, The Hope Center, hospitals, schools, RAFTA, and many more, as well as state and federal agencies.

It has been said that DiSalvo once stated, “Buglione will be the next sheriff of Pitkin County.” So, I say: Now is the time. I urge you to cast your vote, along with so many others, for Michael Buglione for Pitkin County sheriff.

Renee Rayton