Mooney: Bury the thing |

Mooney: Bury the thing

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is easy to get waylaid when solving problems by what many call analysis paralysis. I have been reading the letters to the editor offering seemingly endless ideas for a new Entrance to Aspen. I believe many of these letter writers are NIMBYs of the preferred record of decision. 

The townhouses on the west side of North 100 8th Street between West Bleeker Street and West Main Street will have negative visual and noise impacts if the new bridge over Castle Creek is built extending Main Street with four lanes using the straight shot.

A cut-and-cover four-lane tunnel underneath the Marolt Open Space remains the best choice, and, apparently, we need to change the record of decision by a public vote to make it two lanes for RFTA buses and two lanes for private vehicles.

Tom Mooney