McWilliams: Impressed with RFK Jr. |

McWilliams: Impressed with RFK Jr.

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

For your perusal, Aspen Times readers, I came across this recent quote from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “The worst thing Trump did was the COVID lockdown. In fairness, the bureaucrats rolled him on it; he did not want to do it. But that is not a good enough excuse. He was president of the United States. In May 2020, 600 doctors sent a letter to Trump asking him not to do the lockdowns. He said bureaucrats were coming after him. He had the right instincts. He knew he shouldn’t close down the country, but he did anyway. He got rolled by his bureaucracy. At this time in history, you need a president who can stand up to his bureaucracy.”

Kennedy’s accomplishments are extensive and remarkable: founder, chair, and general counsel of the Children’s Health Defense, founder of the Waterkeepers Alliance, legal counsel at Morgan and Morgan law firm; a BA from Harvard, a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, an LLM from Pace University School of Law, and studied at the London School of Economics. He has a forthcoming book, entitled “The Wuhan Coverup: How US Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID 19.”

Carl McWilliams

Glenwood Springs