Vote Larry Butler for Aspen schools

A year ago, voters approved a $94.3 million bond for facilities upgrades and teacher housing in the Aspen School District. While we are very fortunate to have so many qualified candidates running for ASD school board, each bringing a different skillset, one individual particularly stands out in regard to the experience necessary to ensure that these funds are deployed wisely — Larry Butler.

Larry is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, has an MBA from UCLA, is a very successful real estate investor and is the CEO of a national marketing firm. His real estate and financial acumen would be invaluable to the ASD board.

In addition, Larry has three children in the public schools, is a strong supporter of the Aspen Education Foundation, coaches basketball and baseball, and serves as the head of the finance committee of Ascendigo Autisim Services here in the valley.

I would encourage you to use one of your three votes to elect Larry.

Ken Ramberg