Putin will get his comeuppance

Putin’s net worth is estimated to be $200 billion. The Russian peoples need to know that their authoritarian megalomaniac president’s net worth is 70% of Russia’s national debt, which was $280 billion in 2020.

Expose how Putin can amass his net worth on an annual salary of only $140,000 per year. His wealth is pilfered, extorted and hidden from the Russian people. If exposure does not get their attention, then unfortunately they deserve the kleptocrat Putin. Kicking him in his pocketbook by revealing his graft and hidden accounts will get his attention and that of the Russian peoples as well.

The United States and our allies have the ability to expose Putin’s enormous wealth and block his access to it, and to use the media to expose him to Russia. This tactic should also be applied to his oligarch buddies who are said to provide him with kickbacks, secret accounts and money laundering. Sanctions should include the Russian oligarchs that own real estate in the USA, Aspen included, and who support Vlad. The Russian people need to know just how corrupt their authoritarian president and his oligarch buddies are.

Seeing Trumpublicans supporting Putin as they did at the CPAC conference, chanting “Putin,” is disgusting and shows that the supporters of Trump are not supporters of democracy, and they are not concerned with the Ukrainians heroic fight for democracy. The Republicans who spoke at CPAC should be ostracized and exiled to the country they support, Russia.

If Putin and his supporters are exposed as the evil and power hungry men they are, they will be abhorred by the world, as well as the Russian people. The Russian people will bring Putin down and his invasion of Ukraine and his attack on democracy will end.

Dick Hampleman