Plenty of blame to go around in wildlife death

Friday, Oct. 1, around 5:15 p.m., a young deer was hit and killed on Power Plant Road near the city of Aspen gas pumps (part of what has recently become known as the “West End Sneak”).

It is in our neighborhood. As with many of you in your respective neighborhoods, we had become attached to this family of animals that has been browsing and seeking refuge on our road all summer from the traffic madness of Aspen. The death of this animal saddened us. It also registered with us that this death could have been a pedestrian, or a bicycle rider … a person.

Suggestions: The city of Aspen needs to recognize that during morning and evening rush hours, Monday through Friday, Smuggler Street to Power Plant Road is a dangerous thoroughfare. The safety issue of what has become the Highway 82 Alternative Route has not been addressed by the city of Aspen. The speed limit on this road is 15 miles per hour. This is not followed by drivers, nor is it enforced by the city of Aspen. If the driver had been going the speed limit, it is very possible that this young deer would not have been hit and killed.

My sincere thanks to Officer Ryan Turner who listened patiently and professionally to my rant and helped me move the dead deer off the road.

Kirk Gregory