Mark Reece for Aspen City Council

As Aspen residents, property owners, business owners and philanthropists, both my wife (and business partner), Tamar Olitsky, and I support Mark Reece for City Council.

Mark has real-world business experience that we have not seen from many previous council members. I have vast board experience myself, and have had growing concern as I see non-business people deal with numbers and budgets they have never managed in their lives — this needs to end.

I believe Mark’s background gives him the ammunition to deal with issues such as employee housing and end overspending on city projects. And as a lightning-strike survivor with resultant PTSD and clinical depression, I know Mark shares my concerns with the mental health issues and high suicide rate that plagues our Aspen valley. As friends who have spent countless hours riding motorcycles together with our beloved Aspen Hogs, we have spent hours discussing mutual concerns facing us today in our community and how to direct positive change, and I’m proud to support my friend “Reece” for Aspen City Council.

Dr. Stephen Olitsky