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Kudos & Kindness (July 10, 2022)

Good people

Thank you, Marty and Dago (Berto), very good people at the Pitkin County Landfill. There is another gentleman who helped, I do not know his name. He works in the scale house. Plus the very kind truck driver who took me up the rest of the way, a tough road to climb for an arthritic old bloke (me). To all of you, a thousand thanks.

It all started when I received a message from my good friend W.M. who drives trucks for a local company quite close to the PitCo Landfill. He saw an ELF (solar-powered velomobile) sitting up in the yard. It seems someone brought it there. I don’t have a car so I walked from the Aspen Village RFTA stop to the site.

My first and continuous contact was Marty, who took my number down and made the necessary inquiries for me to meet with the ELF and bring it home. I did not get to see it on that first visit. This was on Friday, the 17th of June. Marty said she would know one way or another about its availability the following week. Marty also drove me down to the RFTA stop, to return home. Excellent and kind human. She called me the very next day and told me that she had spoken with Dago and they had decided to let me have it for free, a grand thing since I would not be able to afford such a vehicle.

On Monday, the 20th, I was able to borrow a friend’s truck and with it drove my homemade trailer to the landfill. I went straight to Marty who guided me to Dago. I thanked both profusely.

Paddy Flynn

Glenwood Springs


Thank you, Aspen

Please excuse my tardiness in thanking you, but it took a long time to drive to Florida and after various events daily life is now starting down here.

Many of you know that since I have no living relatives all of you have been and will continue to be my family. It is going to be very difficult to be here without you, without the seasons and without the beauty of Aspen.

May I thank The Aspen Times and all of you for such an amazing sendoff — what a party or two or three! I dare say it was probably the right time to retire and end up here to dangle my feet in the ocean.

Please know you all are always in my heart and I will miss you terribly. A special thanks to Sam, Carolyn, Jo, Sells, Janet, Ruth, Dusty, Jack, Jason, Tim, Amy and anyone else I neglected to mention. 

My door will always be open for you here and thank you for my wonderful life and home in Aspen.


Dottie Wolcott

Fort Myers, Florida


Volunteers, participants and sponsors keep Buddy Program running

The Buddy Program would like to thank the community for coming out and celebrating July 4 with us! Boogie’s Buddy Race presented by East Coast Asset Management, Mike Connolly, Aspen was a fun and successful event with over 700 racers participating in a 5-mile, 5K, or a 1-mile Family and Canine run/walk.

This family friendly event was made possible by all of our generous sponsors, Joey Woltemath and her crew, the Buddy Program staff, our amazingly energetic volunteers, and all of you who participated in the race. Thank you to each and every one of you. And, we can’t forget to thank our amazing volunteer Big Buddies who show up without fail for the youth in our community: You are the heartbeat of this program. Thank you!

To learn more about getting involved as a Big Buddy, contact LauraS@buddyprogram.org or call 970-920-2130.

Kathryn Sansone

Development director, Buddy Program


Basalt Library grateful for Bud Eylar

By all accounts, Bud Eylar was a true friend of the Basalt Regional Library District, and we remember, with deep thankfulness, his service to our library. I did not know Bud personally, but past staff told me of his quiet, steady strength. His love for and dedication to our library helped make it what it is today: the living room of the Basalt community.

Bud, in your memory, we thank you for everything you gave to our community. Thank you.

Staff and board

Basalt Regional Library