Kimbo is Aspen’s best choice |

Kimbo is Aspen’s best choice

Of the new applicants for Aspen City Council, Kimbo Brown-Schirato’s inciteful agenda, broad experience and prodigious smarts clearly define her as the most qualified to collaboratively enrich the future of Aspen’s well-being.

As a longtime resident, her civic passion is driven by a “can do” approach to both community wellness and economic prosperity, and is fueled by in-depth experience in converting ideals to balanced, actionable implementation.

Rather than viewing the residual effects of COVID-19 as constraining, she sees a new baseline for innovative governance — in her words a (civic) “culture of possibility.” Beyond that and first confronting immediate civic issues, she understands that the governance of Aspen directly influences the functional and economic vitalities of downvalley townscapes whose families and workforce support both the prosperity and lifestyle character of Aspen.

We, among others, are downvalley beneficiaries of Kimbo’s thoughtfully inclusive approach to governing, We enthusiastically urge Aspen voters to elevate her unique qualities to that of councilwoman!

Phyllis and Larry Yaw




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