Cooper Avenue project out of control

A more informative story would have been to get both sides of this story on 1020 E. Cooper.

1) Twelve-bedrooms, two people per room; 24 people plus guest. On a lot less than 4,500 square feet.

2) Parking: four tights spots. Area is already inundated with vehicles belonging to employees, employers, visitors, owners and renters, housekeepers and day workers, etc. Construction workers drop their cars/trucks here to carpool to their jobs further east. While it has been proposed that some of the residents can walk to work, most will not sell their cars, which will be left on the streets.

3) Lacks adequate area to socialize outdoors for kids and/or adults! Funny, the tree they have in the photos for the children to play under is on our lot. Photos are deceptive!

4) ) Historic cabin to be moved forward 5 to 6 feet from the street. Taking away the entire front yard, which historic homes in Aspen are known for!

5) Painted a dingy brown color, which will be low maintenance but is not characteristic of any historical homes in Aspen.

6) Prior proposal rejected due to mass and scale: This project is bigger.

7 Project is not well thought-out. Is it adults only? Is there a safe area for kids? Is there a max occupancy per unit? Is smoking of any kind allowed in and on the property? If so, is this appropriate with children of any age in such close proximity? Are pets allowed? Designated area for pets? Is this a property that will transcend all back to a time when “bigger did not always mean better” and “quality of life” is what people of that time and mind strove for?

The motivating factor for this project is the 12.5 credits and money he will make selling these low-quality units on the free market at high-dollar prices! He will be on to the next project in no time! I want to see HPC and City Council enforce their own rules fairly to all. Whether it is a developer of a single-family or a developer of employee housing.

Kristi Ann Gilliam