Aspen, we have a traffic problem |

Aspen, we have a traffic problem

As is true for many Pitkin County residents, the upcoming plan to detour traffic from Highway 82 to River Road, etc. is worrisome. Turning traffic on to Smith Hill Way then across McLain Flats and funneled into town on Cemetery Lane will be damaging on many levels … some of them irreparable.

I understand the need to improve and maintain infrastructure. The overwhelming auto traffic into and out of Aspen is staggering, especially considering the size of the town. As with much larger urban areas, by the time the improvements are completed, they are woefully inadequate.

I am also reading about possible solutions to the traffic nightmares by the use of trains into/out of town. This seems like a great solution to get people into town and relieve the congestion and traffic nightmares at the same time. Aspen needs to address and solve the larger problem of “too many cars” by looking at the underlying reasons, but we can solve the congestion in the meantime.

Considering that both of these “solutions” are being considered, why is the country pushing the re-working of the roundabout (millions of dollars, two years and countless damaging side effects) when a larger solution could well make this unnecessary, and in fact it could be in the way of a larger solution? Good public transportation may require a different solution and not just this year’s Band-Aid.

Susan Taylor

Woody Creek