Kinney: Safety, quiet and efficiency first |

Kinney: Safety, quiet and efficiency first

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As a long-time local resident of Woody Creek, Uber driver, and concerned citizen, I would like to express my opinion on our airport expansion. It may even differ a bit from my neighbors.

I have no problem with enabling our airport from capably handling larger aircraft under certain conditions.

  1. Safety of course is priority. Can the airport, emergency, and hospital manage an accident if it occurs?
  2. The newer, larger aircraft must operate quietly according to current standards.
  3. Current flight paths must remain the same.
  4. In my opinion, current infrastructure already cannot handle the amount of flights arriving during busy times. How about fewer flights spread out more efficiently?
  5. As the terminal is redesigned, the new terminal footprint should be no larger, requiring the need to go to two stories, and easier and quicker access for commercial and private vehicle pick up and drop off.

Dan Kinney

Woody Creek