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High Points: Pledge KDNK

Paul E. Anna
High Points

When I was a kid in Los Angeles, my go-to radio station was KMET. They had a memorable jingle that went “A Little Bit of Heaven, Ninety-Four Point Seven — KMET — Tweedle-Dee.”

Well, ironically, because I live in Old Snowmass, there is still a button, or at least a spot on the touchscreen in my car, that is always tuned to 94.7. No, KMET is a relic of a long ago past. The station that plays at 94.7 in Old Snowmass is Carbondale’s own KDNK, which is now, and has been for some time, my fave rave radio station. Here, there and everywhere.

Now, I know that there are other frequencies on the dial, 88.1 in ‘Bonedale itself, 88.3 in Flip Town, er … I mean Aspen, even 93.5 in Leadville, where you can hear the station. But for me there is comfort in the coincidence that the station of my youth and the station of my dotage are both broadcast on Ninety-Four Point Seven. Tweedle-Dee.

This week, as is the custom with public access radio stations in America, KDNK is holding its Spring Membership Drive. And I encourage any and all of you to step up to the plate and support the little station that could as it raises funds to keep broadcasting music, local news, music, public affairs, music, Democracy Now and music.

Yes, the focus with KDNK is clearly on the eclectic music that they showcase all day and night. Their ever-evolving band of DJs consistently plays diverse music from Bluegrass to funky old soul, from rap to jazz to metal, from world music to country licks.

But the beauty of the station lies in its authenticity and community spirit. Where else are you going to hear kids on the radio these days, like the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment project? If you have ever woken at noon to listen to Benedict Thunderbun’s “Deep Breakfast” show then you have truly been experienced. Catch it today.

And there may not be a better Tuesday night pastime than Art Ackerman’s “Swing, Swing, Swing,” literally oldies by an oldie followed by “After Art Jazz” … that’s funny. And who doesn’t smile just a bit every time the “Lost Pet Report” reunites a missing dog with their owner.

While I also love our upvalley station, Aspen Public Radio, especially since the return of Brent Gardner-Smith to the helm as news director, I do miss some of the funk and most of all the music that was once a part of their programming. I put Stu Huck’s longtime show in the pantheon of great things in Aspen that are no more. I support their efforts and feel as though the station performs an important service in keeping us informed in these difficult times.

But KDNK keeps us inspired. The station plays just as important a role by playing music that soothes the soul, ignites the passions and gets us through the days. Whichever frequency you get KDNK on, keep it on your dial.

You can get cool cred and show you support the station by wearing a KDNK hat, a heather, maroon or oatmeal colored KDNK T-shirt or best yet, the KDNK socks. Call 970-963-0139 or go the KDNK.org website and you can get any and all of those classics.

Make the donation to the station. Tweedle-Dee.