Giles: Pinch point

To Aspen City Council past and present: Your lack of action on the entrance to Aspen was on full display this morning as I write and will continue to be, at least through the end of the month.

The traffic jam in and out, both directions, underscored the lack of effective road planning in our town. Power plant jammed, Highway 82 backed up to AABC and beyond … in and out dependent on a two-way bridge that was built in 1891.

Yes, it’s been rebuilt and continues to get improvements every year, but this is not a sustainable plan. There have been allegedly 26 votes on the entrance and yet nothing has been done and its all because no one in our city council has been visionary or dare I say brave enough to take on this controversial yet highly critical issue.

God forbid, we ever need to evacuate the town in a hurry!

Nathan Giles