Aspen Times’ Roses and Thorns (May 15, 2020)

One thorn to Arjuna Yoga and another to Jean-Robert’s Gym, both in downtown Aspen, for ignoring and defying local and state public health orders and opening to the general public this week. Pitkin County’s “Roadmap to Reopening” clearly stated, after an initial mistake, that yoga studios and gyms must remain closed through at least May 27. Arjuna even held “inferno” Pilates classes. Really? Raise your hand if you think hot yoga is a good idea in the middle of a pandemic.

Thorns to those who are thumbing their noses at mask wearing. We’ve had a few situations where we have heard non-face-covering folks feel the need to yell or berate an employee who has to try to do a difficult job of letting people know what the rules are. You don’t like them, that’s fine. But to not abide by them, that’s very, very far from fine.

Roses to the nonprofits that continue to find ways to help those who make up a big part of our community and economy, the immigrant and undocumented workers. This is just another example of why when we say we are a community, we have to accept and welcome those people who are a big part of our valley and deserve that respect. Cheers to those folks donating and reaching out to the under-served.

Thorns to the season passholders who are complaining about the “measly” credits Aspen Skiing Co. is giving because of the abbreviated 2019-20 ski season. Classic Pass buyers seem to be whining the most. With the good conditions that existed this winter, if you weren’t skiing much or at all by March 15, the passion for the sport apparently doesn’t exist. Maybe take up bowling next winter.

Thorns to the elected officials still struggling to sharpen their skills on Zoom and other video-conferencing services being employed for public meetings. Take a tutorial or practice. It might be the new normal for a while for public meetings.

A lifetime supply of thorns to the coronavirus. You truly suck.