Eduardo Haim

February 1, 1953 — January 12, 2019

“We all have two lives. The second one begins when we realize we only have one,” noted famed author and Aspenite Hunter Thompson.

For beloved father, husband, and friend Eduardo Haim — whose miraculous skirting of glioblastoma brain cancer ended on January 12, 2019, at his home in Aspen — his second life began nearly six years ago with his diagnosis.

Three years into his remarkable second life, one even more dedicated to living, loving and laughing, Eduardo noted a paradox about his life in his speech accepting a leadership award in New York: “a deadly diagnosis and a bad prognosis gave way to a miracle that saved not just my body, but most importantly my soul.”

As Eduardo realized, one’s mortality can be life’s greatest gift, for facing death reawakens the vitality, urgency and aspiration that often slumber under blankets of complacency. Upon his diagnosis, Eduardo recommitted himself to realizing the job God gave the Jews — to make the world a better place, thereby fulfilling his soul’s important mission.

Realizing that the flipside of pain is reward derived from helping others, and having well-outlived his prognosis, Eduardo believed his second life was God’s miracle, and he sought similar miracles for others in pain. Not only was he a valuable resource to fellow brain cancer patients, he believed he had a direct line to God — especially when praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem where he expressed gratitude for himself and prayed for his list.

It’s a tribute to Aspen that Eduardo chose to better his soul here, amid our wondrous outdoors and in our warm and welcoming community, always alongside his devoted wife Graciela. Thanks to the unwavering support, indulgence and love of Graciela and twin daughters Sophia and Natalie, Eduardo summoned the courage and strength to squeeze every drop of juice from his remarkable life.

Born in Argentina in 1953, Eduardo came of age in the era of “The Dirty War” when suspected subversives were “disappeared” by the government. At 20 years old, he left Argentina for Israel where he volunteered in the Yom Kippur War. Eduardo loved noting the irony that by joining a war in Israel, he saved himself from possibly being eliminated in Argentina.

Following the war, he earned a B.S. in Industrial and Management Engineering at Israel’s Technion Institute, followed by a M.S. in Operations Research at Stanford University and an M.A. in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Operations Research at the University of California at Berkeley.

In 1988, Eduardo married his beloved Graciela, to whom his devotion was boundless. Together with Natalie and Sophia, they formed a family characterized by love, joy and commitment. Whether faithfully attending school functions, celebrating every blessing, enjoying family vacations, skiing/hiking in Aspen or simply relishing in one another’s company, Eduardo’s family was paramount. “Papi’s” example helped instill in his brilliant daughters the same courage, integrity and compassion.

Eduardo’s career in finance spanned several firms until 1995 when he founded his own, EH Capital Group. Most recently, he worked at Oppenheimer in wealth management, donating his earnings to charity.

Actively involved in Jewish life in New York City and his adopted home in Aspen, CO, Eduardo’s circle of close friends grew, despite his illness. His love of life, commitment to charitable causes and engagement in family, friends and faith — especially in Aspen — was his sustenance.

His adoring family and friends thank God for entrusting Eduardo’s soul to him and are grateful that he used it to move through the world with purpose, wisdom, generosity, kindness, love … and a wonderful sense of humor!

That he continuously shaped and grew and polished his champion’s soul is testimony to a life well-lived. Please know Eduardo that our cherished memories of your exuberance, love and strength not only guide our actions, they inspire us to live lives worthy of remembrance … like yours.

So, thank you God for both of Eduardo’s lives. Your gifts were so well-given.

Donations may be made in Eduardo’s memory to the following causes he championed: American Technion Society — The Eduardo and Graciela Haim Fellowship Fund, 55 East 59th St, NY, NY 10022 or; and Chabad of Aspen, 435 W Main St, Aspen, CO 81611.