Voter Q&A: Can I take a photo of my ballot and post it on social media? |

Voter Q&A: Can I take a photo of my ballot and post it on social media?

Sandra Fish
Colorado News Collaborative

Can I take a photo of my ballot and post it on social media?

Yes. A 2017 law makes ballot selfies legal in Colorado. According to Colorado Public Radio, it overturned an 1891 law against sharing marked ballots, which was aimed at preventing voter coercion. But you might want to use caution that personal details, including your signature, aren’t revealed when you post.

Why is the envelope for my ballot different than the one my friend received?

Each county decides the design of the ballot envelopes, using different colors on the exterior of the ballot while meeting state requirements for other information. Some counties may even have different designations for certain types of ballots, such as first-time voters who must provide a copy of an ID with their ballot. The envelope colors don’t identify individual voters or their party affiliation. They don’t have an impact on how or whether your ballot is processed.

One of my family members is seriously ill but insists on casting a ballot. What if they die before Election Day?

If a ballot is cast before Nov. 3 when the person is alive, it will count and is legal.

I’ve already received my ballot at my current address but I will be moving and have an updated address before Election Day. Both addresses are in the same county. Should I submit the ballot I already received or change my address and request a new ballot be sent?

Here’s what the Denver elections office had to say: “A change of address on your voter registration may impact what your ballot looks like on the local level. For this reason, we suggest that voters change their address immediately and wait to vote their new ballot.”

In Summit County for example, those who live in the Buffalo Mountain Metropolitan District or the Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District will have questions specific to their districts on the ballot. Residents in all other areas of Summit County will have the same ballot.

I submitted my ballot but did not remove the stub. Will my vote still be counted?

Yes, it will count. It is easier to process without the stub, but the ballot will still be counted.

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