Super Pipes: Dangle Supply Co. crafts quintessential pieces for your quiver

Katie Shapiro
High Country

Packing bongs and pipes in your pack for hut trips has always been a hassle — worrying about glass breakage and water spillage usually just isn’t worth it. But thanks to Dangle Supply Co., the problem of smoking weed during snowy adventures has finally been solved.

This side-hustle of a professional mountain biker and a bicycle designer/engineer was inspired by the rise of bike-packing culture when they started noticing cyclists dangling titanium mugs and other gear off their bags. They wanted to create something crazy to add to their hangable gear kits and as cannabis enthusiasts, naturally, landed on an indestructible bong. What began as a sort of inside joke as gifts for their crew took off on Instagram (@dangle_supply) and the duo decided to make it official, launching Dangle Supply Co. in 2018 amid their full-time gigs in Los Angeles and Bozeman.

While the co-founders’ real identities were requested to remain anonymous, their alter egos Dan Gullbongs Jr. and Danny Gullbongs act as the company’s CEO and CDO respectively. They credit their father, Dan Gullbongs Sr., in the creation of the original outdoor pipe and the Gullbongs family story goes something like this:

“In 1957 our father, Dan Gullbongs Sr., traveled to cyclo-tour and let his flowing locks fly free in the winds of the Swiss Alps. Cresting the largest mountain, he happened across a monastery where mighty monk metallurgists spent day and night toiling over their ancient coal-fired forge.

‘What is it you handcraft here?’ he bellowed at the monks above the howling wind. His inquiry met with silence, he parked his steed—a Nishiki Colonado—and investigated further. There he found the monks drawing the finest titanium tubes in existence. Their rigor and dedication revealed to him something he had always known: this was his life’s calling. His casual curiosity turned to obsession as he spent the next 69 months working dawn to dusk with no reward but for the honing of his titanium manufacturing skills. By the end of his training, the monks were in awe of this chosen one’s wizardry at the titanium forge. They rewarded his toil with one gift: a humble second-hand coal-fired titanium forge.

Dan returned home to his shop in Southern California a new Dan. He split his time between cyclo-touring, casual car camping, doing his hair, working on his memoir (“Art of the Dangle”) and forging the world’s most beautiful, handcrafted, unbreakable titanium water pipes. His laser focus on titanium forging was only ever slightly fogged by the fruit of his labor. Dan was born a craftsman though, not a bongtrepreneur, so sometime around 1969 Dan started looking for investors. Luckily we, Dan and Danny Gullbongs, were given the business as a gift and at the tender age of 6 became the company’s CEO and CDO (chief dong officer), carrying on the family legacy ever since. When we get really high, we can still see him sitting in his saddle, ding-dong-danglin’ along.”

After inheriting their father’s unmatched skill of welding titanium into smokeable art, here are Dangle Supply Co.’s super pipes to consider adding to your kit this season — all unbreakable, non-corroding and handmade with surgical grade titanium.

WizardStix, $44.20

“Do you believe in magic? Us either. But these pipes will make you kinda look like a wizard or a witch or whatever. They are small, light and made of unbreakable, forever-lasting titanium, plus they look pretty cool. These are heirloom-quality pieces. This new and updated version features a sleeker bend, and tapered bowl, slightly reducing weight, and utilizes SmoothAss® curves technology.”

WitchStix, $59.69

“This is the bigger version of the WizardStix—bigger bowl and more shareable. It’s super fun to use, you’ll be the life of the hobbit party. Virtually unbreakable and very light.”

DangleBong, $109.69

“This is the official premium titanium DangleBong waterpipe you have been waiting for. Our virtually indestructible waterpipe system goes anywhere with you and includes one titanium bowl and one high-durability rubber stopper that stows the bowl inside the pipe for when you are on the move. The MeggaSucc® raw bowl is an extralight 8 grams, with a bigger bowl size. The DangleBong BowlHole is 14 millimeters and works with most standard 14 millimeter accessories.”


Katie Shapiro can be reached at and followed on Twitter @bykatieshapiro.

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