Private security to continue patrolling through mid-October in downtown Glenwood Springs

City Council and Glenwood PD say uniform presence alone a deterrent to illegal activity

Matthew Bennett
Glenwood Springs Post Independent
The city of Glenwood Springs has agreed to continue having private security downtown to deter unwanted activity.
Kyle Mills/Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Pleased with the effect Citadel Security’s presence has had in downtown Glenwood Springs, the city will continue paying for private security at least through mid-October.

According to City Manager Debra Figueroa, staff received direction from city council to continue utilizing Citadel, but with adjusted hours and on an additional day.

Previously Citadel patrolled downtown, Thursday through Saturday from noon until 10 p.m.

Moving forward, Citadel employees will patrol downtown Thursday through Sunday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“The agreement with Citadel is $27 per hour per employee,” Figueroa said of the security officers, which patrol exclusively downtown.

No more than two Citadel security guards patrol at once.

“They are not police officers, they are security guards. But, anyone in uniform with a badge is a deterrent to some of the issues we have had down there. It has been helpful,” said Councilor Tony Hershey. “I think the city has really worked hard to address these issues and I appreciate what staff has done.”

According to city officials, previous issues included: camping, sleeping, exchanging drugs, public intoxication, open alcohol containers, smoking and a considerable amount of litter being deposited mainly under the Grand Avenue Bridge and surrounding areas.

“The addition of private security has had positive results beyond our expectations,” said Councilor Steve Davis. “Just having uniformed personnel on site has made locals and tourists more comfortable and the undesirable elements less comfortable.”

Lt. John Hassell with the Glenwood Springs Police Department agreed that Citadel’s uniform presence alone was having a positive influence in deterring unwanted, illegal activity.

“Their authority is such that they will be the eyes and ears to any criminal activity and will contact Glenwood Police officers to enforce,” stated Hassell. “They have been there to advise citizens and tourists of the smoking restrictions and thus far have had very good compliance.”

The city’s contract with Citadel Security will run through the second week of October.

“As we go forward I believe the Glenwood Springs Police has committed to forming a ranger element to the department to bring this level of patrol in house,” added Davis. “These are uniformed but not weapon carrying personnel.