Mountain Mayhem: As good as gold

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem
John and Jan Sarpa looking good in gold.
Dance Aspen dancers get down in the SocialLight photo booth.
Party people at the Gold Party at 7908.
Doreen Clavell, MarySue Bonetti and Jocelyn Adair.
Virginia McNellis and a very dapper Scott La Du.
Looking grand in gold – Kristin Pride, April and Jono Mason, and Roy Saba.
Chris Kelly, Alexandra Hughes and Torre.
Laurel Gilbert and Bruce Etkin.
One cool crew – Sonia Bekhaazi, Ross King, Vanessa Sorensen, Erin Lentz and Kristy Farrey.
Alex "Flava Flav" Irvin, Colleen Clare Irvin and MIchael "Bosco" Latousek.
Lyndell Hendricks and her golden guy, Gordon, alongside "Super Bon Bon" Bonnie Scott.
Megan Shean, Ernie Eynon, Lucy Lea Tucker and Quinn Shean.

Closing out the weekend of the Food & Wine Classic, I hosted a gold-themed party for a benchmark birthday at 7908 downtown in Aspen. Owning it, I shared the age I was turning on the invitation, asking guests to come celebrate my golden – or 50th – trip around the sun. Fortuitously timed to take place just a few days before the mask mandate returned, the gold gala saw guests dressed in gilded attire who came ready to get down to the sounds of DJ Golden and resident DJ Bryan Normand (a.k.a. Kid Kamillion). Dance Aspen dancers performed as a flash mob style, as well as with solo, duet and other arrangements throughout the night. Tammy Baar and Naoma Gleason added a gilded touch with gold temporary tattoos available for guests to choose from in all shapes and sizes. Executive Chef Byron Gomez created a bounty of charcuterie, cheese and crudité. Expert baker Elissa Buckley whipped up one of her D’Elissious cakes with buttercream frosting. Master Sommelier Jonathan Pullis and director of spirits Matt Corbin made recommendations for wines and signature cocktails. And Lucas Zielasko with SocialLight Photo Booth brought the props and snapped the pix to capture some of the fun from the fiesta as shown here, showing all that glitters can be gold. I think life it too short to miss celebrating all the marks and am thankful for all of my friends and family who make every day special.

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