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Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
At artCrush are Sari Tuschman and Jeff Murcko, marketing director for the Aspen Art Museum. (MEH)

Again, there were so many wonderful photos from the summer afternoon artCrush, the party given by the Aspen Art Museum, that I am running another week of pictures from the event.During the summer, Christine Aubale Gerschel and Peter Dahl took a trip to Paris, Chamonix and Mont Blanc in France, Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany, and Bregenz, near Lake Konstanz, in Austria. They met their daughter and three granddaughters, Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan and Bella, Lily and Chloe Kaplan in Paris for Christine’s birthday. Also attending was Christine’s sister, Catherine Aubale Epstein. Peter and Christine then went on to visit the Aspen Sister Cities of Chamonix in France and Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany, where they were entertained by city officials. Still more traveling took them to Bregenz, Austria, where they attended a lot of private parties, a wedding and a VIP tour of the Bregenzer Festspiele given by President Gunter Rhomberg.

People who would like to attend the 31st Annual Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Induction Gala on Saturday, Oct. 27, at the Denver Marriott City Center can make reservations by calling (970) 476-1876 by Oct. 15. Inductees for 2007 are John Atkins, Renie Gorsuch, Elli Iselin, Patrick O’Donnell and Loris Werner.This week I received in the mail from California a book titled “Peace,” written by former Aspenite Hinton Harrison. Hinton was that colorful clown who rode his unicycle in all the Aspen parades. The book is the first in a three-book trilogy relating Hinton’s life.

Undercurrent … It’s so frustrating! Whenever I cross Main Street at Mill, I read the prominent sign which states “No turn on red when pedestrians are present.” And yet, as soon as I step out into the street, cars and trucks immediately turn into my right of way and breath down my neck!