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High Country: Three CBD-Infused Sparkling Waters for Your Off-Season Detox

Katie Shapiro
High Country

I know, I know. I came down pretty hard on CBD last week. It was all in honor of 4/20 to take a moment to acknowledge the hypocritical turn the industry is taking and to address the most common misconceptions of what is on track to be the biggest wellness trend of our lifetime.

One thing I didn’t mention is that, in addition to THC, I am also a consistent CBD consumer. As I reported, the two work best when used in harmony with each other and there is no shortage of products to experiment with either cannabis compound by itself when or formulated together.

I don’t consume much alcohol, aside from a few glasses of wine a week, so when CBD-infused sparkling sodas started hitting the shelves of natural grocers across the country last year, I was intrigued and immediately imbibed. And now that offseason has arrived, a lot of locals are looking to take a break from a long winter of hard work … and hard partying.

Like “Dry January,” an alcohol-free pledge campaign originally conceived in the UK, the month of May is another perfect time to reset your system. A study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet titled “No level of alcohol consumption improves health” caused a media firestorm in 2017 and researchers from University College London recently found that giving up alcohol for just one month can improve liver function, decrease blood pressure and reduce your risk of diabetes.

Sips of CBD sodas — which garnered an instant cult following — are equally as refreshing as LaCroix. They’re just better for you. Often paired with “adaptogens,” they provide effective healing properties: relieving anxiety and stress; increasing focus and lifting energy levels.

But what are adaptogens? The buzz word following in CBD’s footsteps, which according to DRAM founder and herbal alchemist Shae Whitney, simply means, “Plants and herbs that assist the body in adapting to the various stressors of human life, while promoting long-term resilience of body, mind and spirit. Adaptogens work best when taken daily over an extended period of time.”

While cannabis has yet to be officially classified as an adaptogen, CBD does meet the requirements of being non-toxic, stress-reducing and balancing the body overall. When CBD and adaptogenic plant ingredients are paired, there are claims that the benefits of each are stronger.

So whether it’s just for next month or well into summer, here are three bubbly brands now on-shelf in town to help curb your cocktail cravings and chill out for your health (they’re all THC-free and also shippable nationwide):


From the Salida-based makers of award-winning cocktail bitters comes a foray into CBD. Among the just-launched Dose line is sparkling “adaptogenic” waters in three, fresh-from-their-own-farm flavors: Gingergrass, Lemongrass and Sweetgrass (limited edition). DRAM’s dreamy cans have already won accolades from World Brand Packaging Design and were designed by co-owner couple Brady Becker and Shae Whitney. They say of their inspiration: “We looked to our surroundings, the mountains of southwest Colorado for the colors and products in our rebrand. We design all of the look, flavor and production of our products just the two of us, so things stay cohesive.”

Shop: $6.95, Carl’s Pharmacy, 306 E. Main St., 970-925-3273 & The Butcher’s Block, 970-925-7554, dramapothecary.com

2. Recess

The current media darling of the movement first got noticed for its millennial-minded, Instagram-friendly packaging, but what’s inside lives up to the hype. Three all-natural flavors (Blackberry Chai, Pom Hibiscus and Peach Ginger) are formulated with filtered water and 10 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp with three adaptogenic ingredients: American ginseng to improve memory, schisandra to boost immunity and L-theanine to reduce stress. O2 owner and buyer Brittany Van Domelen discovered it through the gear website Uncrate and says: “When I buy any product for O2, I make sure that not only do I personally love the product, but that it is aesthetically in line with our brand and image and Recess’ packaging is spot on. When I use CBD products or drink Recess, I notice that my anxiety and stress levels decrease.”

Shop: $8, O2 Aspen, 408 S. Mill St., 970-925-4002, drinkrecess.com

3. GT’s Dream Catcher Wellness Water

From the makers of the popular kombucha concoctions comes a sparkling “wellness water” infused with 25 milligrams of CBD in every 10-ounce bottle. The initial flavor lineup includes Blood Rose, Cucumber Basil, Oranger Elderflower and Ginger Lemongrass. Formulated with all-natural nutrients, raw apple cider vinegar and gentle caffeine from organic coffee berries, sipping this zero-sugar beverage provides for a calm and focused burst of energy.

Shop: $3.99, Carl’s Pharmacy, 306 E. Main St., 970-925-3273, gtslivingfoods.com

*Disclaimer: The effects of CBD are still being studied, so consult with a medical professional before consumption.

Katie Shapiro can be reached at katie@katieshapiromedia.com and followed on Twitter @bykatieshapiro.