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High Country: Meet Miss Grass 2.0

From budtending to rebranding, CEO Kate Miller is shaking up ‘traditional stoner culture.’

Katie Shapiro
High Country
The California-based startup unveiled new effects-led, color-coded packaging and products for Women’s History Month.
Courtesy Miss Grass

As a college student at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and a budtender for a medical dispensary in 2008, Kate Miller unknowingly became a pioneer for women in the legal cannabis industry when she purchased the domain missgrass.com from GoDaddy.

She held onto it for the next decade while rising through the ranks in the entertainment industry working for power players including “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels and “The Office” producer Ben Silverman, who moved to Aspen full-time in 2020.

In 2018, Miller officially launched Miss Grass with co-founder-turned-advisor Anna Duckworth as a digital educational platform and curated CBD shop. Its mission? To help women “get good at weed.” The first-of-its-kind community quickly gained a cult following for its unapologetic passion for the plant.

“Our primary focus is on women, the [cannabis industry’s] fastest-growing and most underserved demographic. We are cannabis lovers and true stoners, but we strive to offer an alternative to traditional stoner culture, which is heavily male dominated and often doesn’t highlight the sensual, introspective, expansive or playful aspects of it,” Miller shared during a recent interview.

With an audience already in place — unlike the countless cannabis brands that launch products first, then turn their attention to building a community — Miss Grass debuted its own line of THC and hemp flower in 2020 after closing a $4 million Series A round.

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