We’re Open: Aspen Grog Shop

Staff report

We’re Open

In our continued effort to keep the local residents informed on which businesses remain open, The Aspen Times has started the “We’re Open” feature to profile local businesses working through the coronavirus crisis. We want to connect consumers with the work businesses are doing to stay open.

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Business name: Aspen Grog Shop

Address: 710 E. Durant Ave., Aspen, CO 81611

Phone: 970-925-3000



Instagram: AspenGrogShop

Aspen Times: How have you gotten creative during this time? What have you done to keep your customers engaged?

Aspen Grog Shop: We have built a new checkout counter with wine cases that includes social distancing. It is worth visiting and letting us know what you think of our design. We are all having some laughs trying to determine what is actually being said underneath one’s masks, buffs and bandannas. It is very engaging!

AT: What’s the most important thing the community can do to support you?

AGS: First and foremost, take care of one another. If you are out shopping, stop by, say a quick hello and grab a beverage or two. Our goal is to service you in the store as fast as possible. Let your family and friends know we are open and happy to do curbside pickup or home delivery service, too. The priority for all of us is to stay safe and let us know how we can make your quarantine more comfortable.

AT: Where can we find your most current offerings and updates?

AGS: Sales section and sales board inside the store. We continuously look for quality value wines to share with our customers. We are adding new items often. We are happy to offer pricing over the phone. When shopping, do not forget to use your Grog Card for additional savings. Don’t have one? We can sign you up. Reminder: We offer free ice to customers.

AT: What has been the best customer experience or comment you’ve had since the crisis started?

AGS: The friendliness of our community inquiring after our health. Customers are thanking us for being open and for taking the extra steps to keep the store safe and clean. Everyone has been very appreciative.

AT: Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding your business during the pandemic?

AGS: We are grateful the community is supporting small businesses, and we are trying to accommodate your requests with fast service in the store and extended delivery hours. Currently we are open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. Deliveries are daily between 2 and 7 p.m.