Aspen’s city manager, attorney receive pay raises |

Aspen’s city manager, attorney receive pay raises

Aspen’s city manager and city attorney were given pay raises last week after they met with elected officials in executive session as part of their annual performance reviews.

City Manager Steve Barwick is receiving a 5.5 percent wage increase and a 1 percent bonus. City Attorney Jim True is receiving a 6 percent increase and a 2.5 percent bonus.

Barwick now makes $195,236, not including benefits. True’s salary is $175,877.

Alissa Farrell, the city’s human resources director, noted that using the city-wide, standard compensation methodology, both True and Barwick’s salaries are still under market target.

In a memo to council last week, Farrell wrote that factoring in Barwick’s tenure of 17 years, his updated market target should be over $207,000. She recommended between 4 and 6 percent increases.

Last month, the Board of County Commissioners gave Pitkin County Manager Jon Peacock a 2.5 percent raise and a 3 percent performance bonus. His salary is now $179,959.

The Aspen Times compared compensation packages among other top government administrators in the region last week.

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